Friday, January 11, 2008

How clean is our electoral roll ?

General Elections is coming around the corner....

I received an email from an eGroup alerting some discrepancies of our electoral roll. I checked the IC provided at the Elections Commission's website ( Surprisingly, all the three IC number (IC: 991214740101, IC: 910815750017, IC: 981231081137 ) are officially registered as eligible voters ! Either these 3 people are 8, 16, and 9 years old, or they are 108, 116, and 109 years old. Perhaps, these discrepancies are only tip of the iceberg ! I am now doubting the integrity of the impartiality of the Elections Commission. No wonder BERSIH conducted a massive street rally late last year to demand for fair general elections.

I do sincerely hope our Elections Commission can initiate some clean up of the electoral roll to weed out phantom voters, otherwise, we are merely making a mockery of our democratic system. Without a clean electoral roll, I doubt we are going to have any fair elections.

The followings are three screen shots from the Elections Commission's website as at January 11 2008. Scary ! Hmmmm....

8 years old or 108 years old ?

16 years old or 116 years old ?

9 years old or 109 years old ?

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