Saturday, January 19, 2008

Religious hypocrisy - Piss or peace ?

"I dearly hope that authentic religious freedom could become reality everywhere and that everyone's right to practice their religion freely, or to change it, should not be impeded....... This is a primordial right for every human being"
- Pope Benedict -

Not so long ago, if I remembered it correctly, the Pope did mentioned that Buddhism is a form of erotic fantasy. As a Buddhist Taoist, I forgive him, because I know, he speaks out of ignorance for he do not have the opportunity to embrace the TRUTH in Buddhism.

I am not a Christian, but I do not hate Christians. I happened to believed that Christianity is one of the greatest religion. I respect Christianity but it does not mean I believed in their teachings. I respect the rights of Christians to believe in their teaching of salvation and damnations. Likewise, I do hope the Christians and followers of other religions respect my rights to believe in karma, vipakka, and reincarnation.

Coming back to the above quoted statement of Pope Benedict, honestly, I do have tremendous respect for this frailed looking old man because he finally preaches respect and freedom for other religions. I do hope other so called learned spiritual and religious leaders from other religions can emulate Pope Benedict to call on the rest of the world to respect the basic human rights of individual to profess, practice, or change religion. As long as these so called religious and spiritual leaders do not discard their intolerances and their refusal to respect freedom of religions, these morons are nothing but a bunch of rapists of civilizations.

Ironically, the followers of some religions demand others to respect and observe the sensitivity of their religions, but in their own countries where they are the majority, they are incapable to respect and observe the sensitivity toward other minority religions. Some religions readily accept the conversions of followers from other religions, but treat it as sinful if followers of their own religions converted to accept other religions. There have been too many instances of misguided followers of one religion resorted to destroy places of worship of other religions, threatened others with violent deaths and punishments if others renounced or convert out from their religion, attempt to unreasonably imposed their religious belief onto others, and prevent others from performing their own religious practices freely. The act of deliberately spreading hatreds and intolerances against followers of other religions, and impeding freedom of religion is uncivilized, uncultured, and barbaric. Some religions seemed to be very proud of their spiritual hypocrisy of claiming to be preaching love and peace but cowardly indoctrinate its followers to take the path of barbarism and violence.

Sometimes, it is beyond reasons to note that there are so called religiously inclined people ever quick to commit horrible and terrible violence attacks against innocent people all in the name of defending the honour and demanding respect for the founder of their religions. Should the rest of the world's civilized people expected to be apologetic to understand and respect these mobsters. These mobsters have every rights to revere the founders of their religions and commit violent deeds against their own kind and kill each other within the boundary of their own religions. Afterall, if they confined their religious teachings among and within themselves, others should be very happy to respect their rights to profess alternative paths of humanity as long as they don't harm others. It is absolutely ridiculous and arrogantly uncivilized insisting and asserting others to revere and respect these mobster's religions and their religions' founders.

Many violent conflicts and disputes are caused by differences in religious beliefs. How can a religion be a religion of peace when its followers resorted to brutal murders and barbaric violences to establish dominance of their religions over another and maim those who differed ?

When a person has no self respect, how can he respect others ? When the teaching of a religion encourage violences, how can the religion embrace love and peace ? Likewise, collectively, when a group of people have lost faith in their own religion, they will attempt to denounce the religions of others in the hope of masking and justifying their misguided faiths.

Some religiously inclined people shout to the world that their religion should be respected in other countries, but in their own countries, they claimed that it is their majority rights to disrespect other minority religions. They demand greater tolerance and freedom to practice their religions, but in countries where they are majority, they persecute, impede, and arrogantly intolerance against other minority religions. When they don't get what they want, they go on violent rampage to destroy lives and properties ! The world is not sensitive to their religious rights ? Hypocrites!

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wankongyew said...

I think that Buddhists find it inherently easier to accept a multiplicity of views due to the very nature of Buddhism. It's different for the Abrahamic religions since many of their strictures leave little to no room for a more liberal interpretation without seriously amending the contents of their respective holy books. And you left out tolerance of atheists. Religious people frequently preach inter-religious tolerance while treating outright atheists as people that they have an obligation to convert.