Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another sad story.......

I received this sad graphics in my email today :

An industrial accident occurred on 17th. March 2008 at the Malayan Flour Mills premises resulting in the acidental death of 3 persons. On 18th. March, the new MB of Perak, Ir. Nizar and the DAP state assemblyman Ngeh Koo Ham visited the family of one of the victims. The above picture shows the MB spoke in Chinese dialect to console one of the victim's ( Lok Lai Keat, 51) 10 years old daughter, Lok Min Yee.

Sad. I do hope the company can investigate the causes of the accident and take step to ensure the maximum safety of its employee. May the almighty bless the souls of those who died in the accident.

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Robo said...

The 2nd picture is the most touching moment!