Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Wild wild west...

The followings are extracts from a news report by the Malaysia's national news agency, Bernama :

.... In early January, the company concerned was said to have employed more than 100 illegal immigrants to seize the land worth about RM40 million. Using attack dogs, samurai swords and shotguns, the foreigners muscled their way into the oil palm plantations in Kampung Tingkayu and prevented 171 smallholders from entering the land, which they had toiled for the past 23 years. The thugs stay in makeshift huts to carry out 24-hour patrols to guard the entrance to the plantations. More then 40 police reports were lodged between January and March this year at the Kunak police station and numerous letters were sent to the Sabah Land and Survey Department, but until today, the plight of the smallholders remains unchanged. One of the affected smallholders who wished to be known as Lee, 56, said roads leading to their plantations were illegally diverted and iron chain perimeter fences were put up to prevent them from entering their own plantations. Lee claimed that when reports were lodged against the thugs at the Kunak police station, the police officers did not entertain the smallholders and often advised them not to waste their time. ...” Read HERE.

Sad ! I thought this sort of hooliganism and illegal land grabs only happened in Mugabed nation or a banana republic. Looks like in this land of self proclaimed civil society, there are still so many barbarians swinging samurai swords to seek selfish and decadence wealths. Now, where are all those righteous politicians who are supposed to defend the rights of the helpless and defenseless ? Are those poor farmers too insignificant and worthless to be defended ? Well, I guess, everywhere you go, for indecent wealths, there are always corrupted and greedy people working together to sell their souls to the devils. I do sincerely hope that, at the end of the day, justice will be served on all those arrogant and immoral people.

I do not really know since when we had been indoctrinated with the values to blindly idolized wealth and the indecent accumulation of wealth. I am quite pissed off with the realization that, walking among us, there are indeed many greedy, corrupted, heartless, and dishonest people flexing their muscles to further impoverish weaker fellow Malaysians into submission, and accepting the inevitability of the need to accommodate the wimp and fancy of those barbaric pariahs.

Tonight, In the nibbana of my mind, I heard Malaysians crying..........

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Anonymous said...

Am i surprised ? No, i do not sincerely think so; the thugs, hooligans, rapist, child molester and murderers we have in this country are far worse than those you mentioned...they wear a suit, and worse still they spew religious righteousness whenever they speak.

I just wonder if the laws and orders that existed are only meant for the law abiders, whereas those in the ivory towers are allowed to set their own terms in milking the country to the bare bones.