Friday, April 18, 2008

Life as it is.....

Yesterday, an old friend of mine said to me that “Life is a four letters word”. In the English vocabulary, there are thousands of four letter words. But from his mood and expression, I can safely assumed which four letters word he is referring to. He gave me an impression that he has illogical hatreds towards wealthy people, and surrounded himself with airs of desperation and hopelessness. I can't really blamed him for his personal assessment of life. He is a product of his interaction with his habitat, and the environment maketh him. To cut a story short, he is what he is, because, throughout his life, he has to deal with desperations, betrayals, and all sorts of life's negative consequences. He is entitled to his opinion of life, and I accept him for what he is. And like it or not, this world are infested with lots of similar people like him with different perception and purpose of life.

In life, some like to abuse, and some loved to be abused !

What is the purpose of life ? I presumed I am not the first want to ask this question, and I definitely will not be the last one to pose the same question again. Human being are born with limited capabilities to comprehend the nature of living things. While we can accept the complexities of knowledge involved in splitting and fusioning of nano science to create luxuries and destructions, but we illogically refused to accept the rationality of life. Some people are so disillusioned with life that they sought escapisms in the irrational logics of religions and God. When the teachings of religions are distorted and misguided, blind faiths overcame reasons, these people end up being deluded from the real world and subsequently became a danger to themselves and humanity.

When life is tough on earth, we do come across noisy disillusioned people, who had failed to adapt to human weaknesses and temptation. These people resorted to seek the comforts of religion in the hope of escaping the difficult life of living, and a short cut to “heavenly” paradise. But how ? By offering loud prayers to God many times everyday ? By simply pressing a button to conduct suicide bombing ? When a person lives life no longer, death is a certainty. Is having a satanic mindset of causing massive collateral lost of lives, sufferings, and pains of innocent people part of a religious package for selfish entitlement to heaven ? A twisted and perverted mind will always find way to justify his stupidity in the hope of taking short-cut to their so called heaven.

In death, there are eternal peace ?

The purpose of life on earth is to try our level best to live a logical good life within our own affordability. Life is on earth. The choice of living a hellish or heavenly paradise on earth is our own, because we are the gardeners of the earth. We reaped what we sowed. Is it such a difficult concept to comprehend ?

Despite my intense personal religiosity of Buddhism, I am also a practical man. I am positively oxymoronic ! I definitely would love to pursue an eternal life of paradise, both on earth and “heaven”. But I also realized that, it is illogical to accept the irrational logic of life after death. Sometimes, in our deep rooted religious concentration, our mind wandered into the unknowns, we sometimes see paradise on the other dimensions. But how sure are we that those visuals are not merely a state of mental hallucinations ? As a “good Buddhist”, I would like to live life to the fullest, enjoy life as it comes along, and do no intended harms to other. At the same time, I will work as hard as I can to accumulate wealth to sustain material comforts. I will try my level best to balance my spirituality with life materialisms and pervatisms.

Can religion and commitment to God guaranteed us a ticket to heaven ? I don't know. But take it this way, just in case there is life after death, it is no harm investing in religion as an insurance policy.

I am, after all, a deluded oxymoron ! Do you have problem with that ?

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Christopher said...

Your words are full of wisdom. Love what you wrote in this post. But really, life is life right? Live it to the fullest.