Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The art of sextisfaction.....

A survey of 2000 Britons showed that 78% of them said shopping is more pleasurable than having sex. For more information, read Shopping Is Better Than Sex.

However, if you still have the horny itchiness in God knows where, and need to make sex more pleasurable and interesting, here are 25 tips from sexperts to sizzle your erotic sensations. Read Ultimate Sex Tips From The Women Who Know Best.

If these sex tips still don't satiate your quest to spice up your sex life, maybe you can take a clue from the material girl, Madonna and Guy Ritchie. Both of them resort to competitive board game, Scrabble, to remain sexually married. Read SCRABBLE AND SEXY UNDIES AS THEY TRY TO REKINDLE LOVE.

I do wonder, how come sex is such a monumental task to some people ? What do these people usually do when on the bed with their partners ? According to Chris Gooding, a Bedroom Specialist, out of the top ten activities on the bed, sex ranked last. According to the survey done by him, the top ten activities on the bed are : 1 Sleep, 2 Talking, 3 Watching TV, 4 Net surfing, 5 Reading, 6 Listening to music, 7 Using phone, 8 Work, 9 Computer games, and finally 10 Sex. Read Sex is only the 10th most popular bedtime activity.

And, just in case you managed to excite yourself to engage in the prehistoric coupling activities, how long should a good session of sex last ? According to Journal of Sexual Medicine, anything longer than 13 minutes is too long. The Ideal duration should be between 7 to 13 minutes.

Hmmm.. I didn't know the act of screwing each other can be so routinely complicated. Certainly, I will not be surprised to learn that, the need to have perfect and good sex had made many ignoramus sexually dysfunctional.

To screw or not to screw ? I ponder.............. But whatever it is, sex is still so much better and noble than indulging in politics. In sex, you make love. But in politics, they rape each other.

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Anonymous said...

when you quoted from The Journal of Sexual Medicine about the proper duration for sex, it makes me wonder why the medical practitioner spend so little time coupling.?...13 minutes ? hardly get warm up and they already claim too long ? No wonder they charge an arm and leg for a simple surgery.

i do think politicians sodomise each other rather than rape....a past time they practise on their daughters while at home, especially true when in malaysia.