Saturday, April 05, 2008

Whatever will be, will be.

I had been working in various capacities throughout my working life. The eventful interactions dealing with different types of people is a mixture of good and bad experiences. These experiences basically made my life's journey more “spiceful”, colourful, enriched, and to a certain extend, enlightening.

Looking back, I do have my fair share of betrayals and rewarding encounters dealing with people. My simple conclusion is, in this life time, there are basically two group of people. The good one, and the not so good one. Sometimes, I do wish I can have the ruthless capacity to single out the “not so good one” and eliminate them from the face of this earth. But like it or not, I do not have these negative talents. Good or Bad, I am an still an emotional human being capable of greater love than I can imagine. At times, all these people have occupied a part of my heart. To single the bad one out, and eliminate them, is like cutting out a piece of heart. The thought of taking actions against these people did indeed hurt deeply. So, I always take the easy way out and let it be. Hopefully these unwelcome people can go away eventually to practice the deceits elsewhere. Honestly, I do not hate these people. At my age, it is no longer worth the while to indulge in this negative emotions and unproductive resentment. Perhaps, the practice of Buddhism had somehow strengthen my enlightenment to seek a meaningful approach to life with purpose and as it is. A life with negative urges for revenge and resentments is death in disguise..

At times, I do pray for those people who wronged me. Deep within my heart, I know, no matter how far down the road they have gone down the wrong way, given the right opportunity, they will turn back to the right path of decency, ethics, and morality. I do sincerely believe that, a meaningful life is not about finding faults with others, but continuously cultivating greater generosity and compassions to forgive, forget, and move on with life. After all, the greatest challenge in life is not about defeating your enemies, but to accept them as what they are, and live with it.

I realized, the purpose of life is to live as happily as you can with what you have, and live an affordable life with contentments. From cradle to grave, and as we approached the finality of life, relentlessly seeking to right the wrongs that had been done on you will become irrelevant. The greatest happiness in life is to forgive those who wrong you, cause no emotional pains to others, and relief the burden of hatreds, blame, anger, grief, and resentments within you.

I will live life on my own terms, with no malice to others, free from emotional baggages, and stand accountable to all my actions. Finally, I do sincerely pray to that almighty fella up there, not to send too many deceitful to test my faiths and generosity.

Om Mani Pedme Hum


Christopher said...

I like what you wrote! Hmm...may I know how old are you? Yes, that is life. No matter how hard we try, they will be there. So, all we need to do is do our best and be kind towards others!

Dalai Baru said...

Older than the tree, younger than the mountain.......