Monday, May 11, 2009

It's been a rough day..........

I went to my scheduled appointment at the hospital today at around 8:00AM. As usual, I need to go to the diagnostic lab to have my blood sample taken for test. Today seemed to be a bit unusual, after three hours of waiting, the lab test result is still not out yet, and I was informed by the lab technician that they have to restart the machine to conduct the test again. And when the lab report was out finally, I got a shock to read that the cancer marker went up by 40% compared to the previous lab result which was obtained from Aenon about 10 days ago. I consulted the lab technician, she agreed that there might be a mistake in the lab analysis, and asked me to wait for another hour or so for them to do the analysis again.

I have no problem waiting for another hour for them to re-analyze the blood sample. My concern is, if the hospital lab technician have no confident in the first lab report, I doubt they can come out with an accurate analysis on the same machine. I honestly believe that, the hospital diagnostic equipment for the blood analysis is outdated, not functioning properly, and seriously need re-calibration. There is no point for m to wait for another hour or so to obtain a lab report that could be positively wrong or positively right. I decided not to wait for new analysis report and proceed to my appointment with the doctor.

The doctor concluded that the new lab result is out of norm, and agreed that I should do my blood test at outside independent lab in the future. The doctor suggested to maintain the existing treatment strategy for another month, and decide the next course of action after completion of the 30 days treatment regime. I have no problem with the continuation of this treatment strategy. In the absent of accurate data, the best option for me is to maintain status and hope for the best.

I also consulted the doctor on my increasing lack of appetite, the doctor suggested and prescribed Magase, a female hormone, which he believed can help me to improve my appetite. Female hormone ? I do hope, I don't end developing the side effects of having bigger breasts and developing funny voice !

Today seemed like a longer usual period for me to stay in the hospital, partly due to the delay of blood test at the lab. I am a bit dissapointed with the blood test result and it does caused me a lot of anxieties. After so many months of dealing with treatment issues, I guess one more surprise is not going dent my determination to get wel soon. I had dig trenches, if it is going to be a long and winding road ahead, then so be it. I will just take it in my stride and fight on. By the time, I reach home, it is almost 2:00PM in the afternoon and I am so worn out and tired. I dozed off to a much need sleep and woke out at 6:30PM in the evening ! It looks like I am going to have problem sleeping tonight again.....

I am very tired. . But, I must move on stay focus in my fight to regain my health.

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