Saturday, March 15, 2008

Boycott mainstream newspapers ?

I received an SMS this evening. The SMS reads :

New Rakyat Action !
Boycott mainstream papers from Mon 17/3 – Sun 23/3.
Dear Malaysians,
Boycott NST, STAR, B. Harian, UTUSAN, Tamil Nesan.
Even The SUN is now feeding lies to us.
They did not accept elections defeat gracefully
& now attacking the opposition.
For news, go on line.
Pass on the SMS tsunami.

The SMS does gives me an impression that a lot of people are quite annoyed with the garbage and misinformation printed by these outdated media. I do wonder, why it is so difficult for these newspapers to report news in a truthful manner ? Anyway, I still quite can't comprehend why people bothered to buy these newspapers when they can read news on-line for free. As for me, I stopped buying printed newspapers for more than a year now. I used the money saved to buy my daily dosage of Kopi-O-Peng at my non-halal Kopitiam every morning.

The amusing thing is, “The Sun” throws a free copy of their newspapers into my porch every morning. I am getting very tired of bending down to pick it up and throw it into the garbage can every morning. I called their circulations office many times, asking them not to deliver their papers to my house. But no matter how many times I politely requested them to stop deliver their papers to me, a copy of their newspapers keep appearing on the floor of my porch every morning. I guess it is their right to do so in order to boast their circulation figures.

I have nothing against the mainstream newspapers. It is their rights to print whatever they want in conformity and compliance to their shareholders' requirements. But as a nature lover, I think all of us should stop buying printed newspapers. Because when the buying stop, the felling of trees will also stop ! In a way, our little actions of not buying printed newspapers can also contribute to the preservation and saving of trees being fell unnecessary.

It is
so very unCOOL to be caught physically flipping pages of the bulky newspapers to read news. Printed newspapers are for illiterate and less educated people only. Why bother reading yesterday's news only today ? You can always count on the internet to read up-to-date news on-line factually and as it is.

There is a better alternative,

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha..thats a good one. Dont let me catch you flipping newspapers..else you be a illiterate and less me!