Thursday, March 13, 2008

Masih ada esok bagi ku, bagi lu, and bagi mu......

General Elections 2008 is over.

One interesting observation is, with all the MSM blatantly biased against the opposition parties, the opposition parties managed to capitalized on the Internet to spread their message across. For the first time in the history of Malaysia, the opposition parties brought their battles for political awareness and reinforcements on blogs and community Internet forums. Effectively, the MSM are rendered useless. I doubt educated people buy the proposition put forward by Barisan Nasional in the local newspapers and TV stations. In fact, my local newspaper vendor told me that, the newspapers sale dropped substantially during the campaign period. Too bad, the Barisan Nasional underestimated the power of blogs and relied on dinosaur media to spread their propaganda, and they paid the price for it. Interestingly, the Information Minister who tried to contain the spread of blogs and advocated the discretization of bloggers are also voted out by the voters.

Another interesting fact is, RACE BASED POLITIC IS SLOWLY DYING ! Almost all the race based political parties advocating racial rights suffered humiliating defeats. Politically, Malaysians have matured. Malaysians no longer want to be divided along racial and religious lines. I sincerely hope all those race based political parties understand the aspirations of the new Malaysians. The right thing for them to do is to refrain from continuously harping on racial and religious issues to incite disharmony to gain immoral acceptance.

Of course, I do hope the Election Commission (SPR) can be revamped to ensure better impartiality, independent, transparency, and accountability. As it is, within the blogsphere, there are so many postings out there in the cyber space questioning the integrity of the electoral roll, the allocation of military votes, etc. No matter how much the assurance given by the SPR and the ruling government, as long as this doubts are not objectively audited and dispelled, people will always perceived the election process as unfair.

Judging by the popular vote in West Malaysia, BN gained less than 50% of the popular vote, therefore, has lost significant support from West Malaysian. Out of the total 140 Parliamentary seats secured by BN, almost 40% of the seats are delivered by BN's component parties in Sabah and Sarawak. The reality is, the opposition parties in West Malaysia now received more support from the people compared to BN.

For the first time in 50 years, there is now a balance of “power” in the parliament. With the exception of East Malaysia ( Sabah and Sarawak ), the people in West Malaysia has something to look forward into the future – a better Malaysia for all Malaysians.

I went to an Indian Muslim coffee shop in USJ the morning after the 12th General Elections for breakfast. I can practically sense the jovial energies radiating and embracing all the multi-racial customers there. Everybody there was in a victorious and celebratory moods. As I approach a table, I wish the person sitting at the table “Makka Sakti”, he stood up, shake my hand, jovially replied “makka sakti”, and invited me to share his table for breakfast. Somehow, the invisible and psychological enslavement of fears due to years of indoctrinations of politics along racial and religious lines has been broken. Malaysians from all walks of life has finally come together taking the first step to retire all those outdated, self serving, corrupt, and greedy pariahs from the political landscape of Malaysia. Makka Sakti, indeed Makka Sakti it is.

Probably the euphoria of the people will subside over the next few weeks. For most Malaysians, it will be back to work as usual to face the harsh reality of making a living in Malaysia. Whatever it is, from now on, let us all hope the winners and losers can play their roles accordingly to contribute to chart Malaysia into glorious days ahead.

I guess by now, Barisan Nasional knows the reasons why they fared so badly. Likewise, the opposition parties also know why they done well. Hopefully, the losers will repent for their past sins, and the winners honour their words to work towards a better Malaysia for all Malaysians. The people had demonstrated their wills. For all those elected representatives, I do sincerely hope they recognized the sacred fact that, the people are the Yang Berhormat, not the elected representatives. They are the national servants elected by the people to serve the people. The people have the power to put them there, and the people also have the power to bring them down. So, to all those elected representatives, let not the election victories indulged them into self glorifications and breach of trusts by the people.

Malaysians has voted for CHANGE. Hear ye, hear ye, dengar, dengar...... The people has spoken. Are you hearing without listening.............. "What doth it worth a man to gain the whole world but suffer the loss of his own Soul."

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