Friday, March 28, 2008

Some mothers do have them

A robber attempted to rob a shop in Chicago, but was told by the employee there that the manager who has key to the safe is not in. The robber, 18-years-old Ruben Zarate, left his cell phone number and asked the employee to call him back when the manager is in. The employee called the police. Plain clothes policemen were stationed in the shop to lay an ambush. They called the would be robber using the given number. Guess what, the dumb head actually turned up waving his gun again trying to rob the shop, but he was shot by the policemen and caught. READ FURTHER HERE.

This funny character does remind me of some of our corrupted politicians here. Well, do I need to say more ? Every minute, a fool is born into this world. And God created human being ? That mighty fella must have a good sense of humour.......

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