Sunday, March 09, 2008

What a refreshing morning...........

I casted my vote yesterday morning in a school in USJ.

This morning, I woke up to the realization that, the opposition candidates, Hannah Yeoh, secured a seat in the Selangor State Assembly, and Loh Gwo-Burne secured a seat ( Kelana Jaya ) in the parliament of Malaysia. In total, the opposition managed to win the Selangor State Assembly with 36 seats out of the total of 56 seats. Nationwide, the opposition parties also managed to win majority control in four other State Assemblies in Penang, Kedah, Perak, and Kelantan. At the federal level, for the first time in history, the opposition parties also managed to deny the Barisan Nasional's two third majority in the Parliament. Somehow, the air of this morning felt so refreshing, and honestly I never felt this good before.

Taking into consideration of the lacked of media coverage for the opposition parties during the campaign period, the claimed of unfair electoral process and its electoral roll, and questionable distribution of postal and military votes, the achievements of the opposition parties is a significant achievements.

When I attended the first political ceramah in Subang Jaya, I smelled the resentment of the local residents against the establishment's unfairness, arrogance, and decadence. The people voiced their grievances on corruptions, lavish life style, integrity of the judicial system, poverty, racial marginalization, rising prices, high costs of living, and fears of security problems such as snatch thieves, house break-ins, day light robberies. But these grievances fell on deaf ears, the perception is, the ruling government continued to harp on racial issues. Like it or not, people are also increasingly very fed-up of all those "in-laws" meddling with the administration and political process.

Irrespective of our ethnicity and racial origin, we are all Malaysians. Why should any segment of Malaysians be classified as minority or majority ? All Malaysians should enjoy equal rights in Malaysia. All the poor and underprivileged, irregardless of their racial origin and religion, should be helped through affirmative action, not racial disqualifications.

The result clearly show the disapproval of the government by the voters. All the race based political parties' suffered losses. Umno traditional influences of the Malay has been severely dented by the multi-racial Parti Keadilan, MCA's traditional support from the Chinese community has been significantly reduced by the multi racial Democratic Action Party, and the Indian community also voted against MIC and supported the multi racial Parti Keadilan and DAP. In Kuala Lumpur and most of the Federal Territories, all the Barisan Nasional's candidates are uprooted by the opposition's candidates.

The results of the 12th General Elections clearly signaled race based agenda of the race based political parties are no longer accepted by the majority of educated Malaysians. I do sincerely hope these parties can switch their political tunes to accept religion freedom, multi-racialisms, and to discard their sickening racial rent seeking demands. Otherwise, their days are numbered. If any racist and communal pariah still want to persist with their illegitimate claims of racial supremacy and entitlements, perhaps, they should seriously consider their relevancy in Malaysia and book a ticket to hell.

Now that the two third majority of the Barisan Nasional government has been denied by the people, and the opposition parties has also been given five states to form state governments, I do sincerely hope the opposition parties practice what they preached.

The people of Malaysia has also given the Barisan Nasional another chance to form a federal government with simple majority. I sincerely hope Barisan Nasional can seriously implement the aspirations of the people. That is, rid the country of corruption, restore judicial integrity, eliminate lavish spendings, practice equality and fairness, respect human rights, manage rising prices, and improve peace and security of the country.

The decent reality is, Malaysia is for all Malaysians. Once and for all, let us rid ourselves of the indecent and immoral rent seeking demands, and respect the sacred entitlement of all Malaysians for equality, fairness, and justice for all. Next time, if anybody ever wave their keris to threaten the rights and existence of other group of Malaysians, I sincerely hope the righteous people within their groups can snatch the offending tool and stick it to his rear orifice......

Malaysia is for all Malaysians. So help us God.....

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