Monday, March 17, 2008

Politics and sex....

General elections is over, there are winners and there are losers. Winners or losers, let bygone be bygone, it is about time to mend fences and build bridges. Of course, there are always some lousy losers. Over the previous few days, I felt really amused to read about a bunch of losers and their supporters, probably less than 200 people, demonstrating in the street wanting to exert their racial rights to the rest of educated and cultured Malaysians. Shameless parasites !!!!

Idiots and morons are all the same no matter where you go. Between fairness and equality, it seemed, it is very difficult for those mental retards to connect the dots to draw a straight line. Everything else being equal, they seemed to think that the whole world will forever owed them a living.

Politic is too complicated for simple righteous men to understand. Forget about politics, and I do not wish to waste my breaths on these political pariahs. It is their rights to be what they are, and what they want other to perceived them to be. To be or not to be ? It is simply a philosophy of oxymoronisms. For a change, I would like to blog about my second favourite subject – SEX !

I realized, Sex is a taboo subject to some moral minority, and I intended no insensitivity to all those religiously sensitive apologies seekers. This posting is about the goodness of wholesome sex, honestly, nothing else. If you felt this posting offended the sensitivity of your religion, please read my lips, go park your grievances elsewhere, and seek forgiveness on my behalf from your all merciful and ever forgiving God.

I read an interesting article this evening on the beneficial healthy consequences of active sex. So all you nymphomaniacs out there, go forth to sow your wild seeds or be sowed. If you can't find a good partner to indulge in this act of sexercise, please use your creative imagination to seek alternative self indulged pleasures.

According to the article I read, people who leads sexually active lifestyle had MUCH lower risk of heart attacks and strokes. Those who suffered from strokes before are encouraged to have regular dosage of sex. Hormone produced during sex act as natural medication that produces miraculous healing effect on the whole body, improving digestion, and expanding the blood vessels. The “rhythmic motion” and “orgasmic cramps” derived during sex also improve muscle tone.

Interestingly, a research also conclusively proved that men who had sex more often DIED LESS FREQUENTLY compared to those who do not had sex. Regular sex also reduces the chances of breast cancer for women, and prostate cancer for men. So, if you do not want to die young or suffer from cancer, please do the right things. I also previously read about monks in Taiwan had high frequency of prostate cancer. Now I understand the causes of this hing incidences of prostate cancer.

Sex can aso help you to keep fit and trim. The article said that 5 minutes duration of sex can burn off calories equivalent to 15 minutes of jogging. So, if you want to burn more calories, take Viagra to ensure your session of sex last longer. If you can not afford to buy Viagra, maybe go to the backyard of your garden to dig for some roots resembling the Tongkat Ali.

Sex can also raise the level hormones to increase your tolerance of pain by a whopping 40%. It also alters brain activities to deprive people from pain, especially migraine and arthritis. Interestingly, “women who scream during sex rarely suffer from lung diseases – bronchitis and pneumonia. That is why the louder they scream, the better.” However, men who screamed during sex usually end up with pre-mature ejaculations.

So for all those lousy losers out there who recently lost in the 13th General Erections, why organize and participate in illegal rallies to protest in the streets ? Accept the defeat like a good gentleman. Why wasting all your energies demonstrating your stupidity and uncultured behaviors to the rest of civilized Malaysians ? Please, please, go back home to have some good sex. Maybe the alpha ego will subside, and the misplaced angers will be righted in right perspectives.

So, is sex and politic mutually exclusive ? or exclusively inclusive ? whatever it is, please take some time off to have some good sex, but please don't screw the country !

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Damien said...

Yep I agree with you, that's why I wrote about porn being the cure for too much politics in my blog, hehe.