Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Subang Jaya folks expressed MAKKA SAKTI.

I attended another ceramah held at USJ12's padang on March 3rd 2008. The ceramah was organized by DAP. The interesting thing is, the RELA refused the organizer's request for manpower to conduct crowd and traffic control. To hit a bit below the belt, the town council refused the organizer's request to allow the Subang Jaya folks who attend the ceramah to use the public toilet facilities at the padang. What an arrogance, decadence, and unfair gesture by the town council.

The speakers scheduled in the Ceramah are Tan Kok Wai - DAP incumbent MP for Cheras, Gorbind Singh Deo - Candidate for Puchong Parliamentary seat, Nik Nazmi – Candidate for Seri Setia State Assembly seat, Loh – Candidate for the Kelana Jaya's Parliamentary seat, DAP heavyweights – the honorable Lim Kit Siang, and Hannah Yeoh – Candidate for Subang Jaya State Assembly seat.

The crowds this evening is even much larger than March 1st crowds. My initial estimates is, there are probably between 6000 to 7000 people at the ceramah.

Tan Kok Wei gave a very interesting speech to highlight the need to restore local elections for municipal councillors, and the various breaches of promises committed by the BN government. Mr Gorbind Singh talked on the degradation of judicial integrity and abuses of human rights. Half way through the Gorbind Singh's speech, rains poured heavily. However, the crowds stayed on to express their support. Perhaps, Subang Jaya folks are already quite pissed off with BN. They choose to stay on as expressions of disgusts on current state of affairs. After Nik Nazmi finished his speech, the crowd still remained to wait for the next speaker. It is heart warming to see Malay, Chinese, and Indian squeezing together under single umbrella to cheer on the opposition candidates.

Fearing for the safety of the crowds, the organizers halted the ceramah and requested the crowd to disperse. I decided to leave the ceramah with a big disappointment of not having the opportunity to hear the anticipated fiery oratory speech of Mr Opposition, Lim Kit Siang. On my way out, there are still more people brazing the rains streaming into the USJ12 padang. I will not be surprised if the crowds this evening swelled past 10,000 people.

The crowds at the political ceramahs in Subang Jaya just keep getting bigger and bigger with each coming ceramah. My unqualified opinion is, the educated middle class folks of Subang Jaya has already made up their minds who they are voting for this coming March 8 2008. I will not be surprised if the Opposition parties win by a big landslide in Subang Jaya and Kelana Jaya. After years of neglect and political arrogance by the existing administration, I think the folks at Subang Jaya are entitled to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Like I said previously, Malaysians are all for the evolution of a dignified Bangsa Malaysia, not the racially conscious and divisive Bangsat Malaysia. All those race based political parties constantly harping on racial issues and sentiments MUST GO. I do sincerely hope results of this coming elections reflect this national grass root aspirations.

This evening, thousands of Subang Jaya folks brazed the rains to express their silent MAKKA SAKTI. May the Power be with the People to democratically manifest the PEOPLE POWER on polling day. Malaysia is my only country. May God rids Malaysia of racial bastards and pariahs. May God bless the righteous and noble hearts.

MAKKA SAKTI, PEOPLE POWER ! The people of Subang Jaya had spoken ! Are you hearing without listening ?


Anonymous said...

Aiyah, why leave so early. Sdr Lim arrived at about 11:40pm. He started his journey at 3:30am from Johor, Melaka, NS to Subang Jaya and back to Ipoh. Your house is only a few doors away. Like that also cannot wait ah? Old man like him can tahan but you cannot tahan. Give the young guns moral support. How come the organisers asked to disperse? Is it because of fear of lightning?
Just to update you, Sdr Lim came with a hoarse voice and said that he is not feeling well. But he said that the best medicine is seeing the crowd's great support.

I like the atmosphere although it rain like dogs and cats. When Sdr Lim walked in, the unision of chanting 'Lim Kit Siang!, Lim Kit Siang!' gave me goose pimples and motivated.

We (Cina Malaysian) never had a leader whom we can called for his name with pride. I felt happy last Monday to have a chance to shake Sdr Lim's hand when he was at SS2. He is a legend in Malaysian politics or Opposition icon. This could be his last General Election, so he claimed.

Just look at Ong Kata Nothing. Always silence about issues and avoid controversies.

I hope the next generation of DAP leaders such as Lim Guan Eng, Tony Pua, Jeff Ooi etc are long distance runners like Sdr Lim.

I thought of calling you but I forgot to bring my handphone.


deOughtred said...

I was there til end...
And I had a big umbrella, which I shared with an Indian friend and two chinese friends. Maybe, it was me you're refering to me in your 4th paragraph. :-)

Anonymous said...

It LOOKS like you,
SOUNDS like you,
But I am NOT SURE it is you...

Anonymous said...

hi makkal sakti,

After so many years the same chairman in BATU CAVES temple??Please do something on this Makkal SAKTI!!!I would say indian really need good leaders who can provide the opportunity TO THE Indians.