Sunday, March 02, 2008

Subang Jaya Rocked by Opposition Parties.

Two political ceramahs was organized in Subang Jaya on March 1st 2008. One by the MCA at 7:00PM at USJ 11, while the other by DAP at 9:00PM in USJ 12.

What caught my attention is, the earlier ceramah organized by Barisan Nasional has an audiences of probably 100 people. But the DAP ceramah was attended by more than 5000 thousand people of all races. It looks like 5000, sounds like 5000, and definitely it is more than 5000 people. Honestly, I have never see such a huge crowds in Subang Jaya. The people in Subang Jaya wanted change ! And the nationwide change begins from Subang Jaya.

I did not attend the earlier ceramah organized by MCA because I am already fed up with all their racial rhetorics, political arrogance, and political decadence. I sincerely doubt they have anything new to say except their usual indirect racial threats of misrepresentation of races. I presumed they will probably talked about racial entitlements, special privileges, and all the same old stories of race based political agenda. To all those racists, be it Chinese, Malay, or Indian, please read my lips, ALL OF YOU CAN GO TO HELL WITH YOUR DIRTY HANDS AND ILL GOTTEN GAINS.

I attended the DAP ceramah because I think young people with fresh ideas, clean hands, and noble hearts deserved to be given a mandate and chance to take political leadership in this country. The DAP ceramah talked about national unity, good governance, accountability, equality, fairness, and reducing crime rates. It is indeed a refreshing change to hear the opposition parties talked in the shoes of Malaysians.

Judging by the crowd support and sentiments, It looks like DAP is going to take Subang Jaya state seat on March 8 2008, and probably the Kelana Jaya parliament seat as well.

Hannah Yeoh and Loh, I salute your courage to stand up against the odd to contribute your talents to the country. You can count on this old Dalai Baru's vote. And I urged all Subang Jaya folks to give your strongest support to these brave and young man and woman by casting your votes for her. Help her to march into the Selangor state assembly, and help him to march into the parliament of Malaysia.

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Anonymous said...

i attended the dap ceramah at usj12 too. it was indeed rocking and we all want change.

however, the turnout has to be strongly translated into votes. otw, it will mean nothing more than a feel-good session.

do expect the fear-mongering that's coming next week and do not be shaken by them.

just CHANGE the goverment!

Anonymous said...

The Star today reported that there are only 2000 people attended the DAP's talk in USJ. I was there. I estimate there are more than 6000 people. Now I know why we should not trust the MCA owned paper like The Star.

wankongyew said...

Wow, very impressive disparity indeed. I'm very curious if this is repeated throughout the country.