Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A time to recollect, and a time to change.

PEACE, SECURITY, and PROSPERITY ? What is peace, security, and prosperity without respect for freedom and human rights ? What is peace, security, and prosperity without equality and fairness ? It is meaningless to pass on a legacy of immoralities to our children and future generations. What is peace, security, and prosperity resulting in a nation divided along racial and religious lines ?

I see nothing honorable about the perpetuation and political justification of race based politics. After 50 years of independent, we should be a united nation of “Satu Bangsa Satu Negara”. Malaysians should be Malaysians. Period. The time has come for the graceful retirements of race based political parties and their rent seeking politicians.

My father is a loyal member of the MCA till his dying days. I had been voting for the BN for the past 25 years. But, absolute power breeds unchecked political arrogances and decadences. I realized, more so than ever, Malaysia need strong opposition voices in the parliament and state assembly. I also realized race based political parties are the main causes of disunity in this country. I still love MCA, MIC, UMNO, and PAS. But these race based political parties must now evolve themselves to become non political NGO's to promote the inter-cultural diversities and understanding among all Malaysians. Modern Malaysia does not have room for racists, communal pariahs, and religious extremists. I love this country, therefore, as a patriotic Malaysian, I am making this painful decision to support the opposition candidates in this coming general elections.

Malaysians at the grass root have a noble aspirations of a dignified bangsa Malaysia with share values and common national interest. We need just, accountable, and responsible political institutions to create and nurture a caring society based on sacred respect for freedom of expression, human rights, and equality for all.

I believed, the future of Malaysia rest on the shoulders of our youth who are well educated and with professional qualifications. The young and the restless have step forward wanting to be counted. They are young. They are CLEAN. And, they are willing to take on the heavy responsibilities to serve the nation. Let's give these young people a fair chance to articulate their aspirations in the State Assembly and the Parliament. This blog DECIDEDLY support Hannah Yeoh for Subang Jaya's state assembly seat, and Loh Gwo-Burne for the Kelana Jaya's parliamentary seat.

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