Wednesday, January 21, 2009

About my hair...

My hair,
did I see them flowing in the air ?
I caught strands of them lying on the chair.
Because of that awful chemotherapy fare,
I am beginning to lose my hair.
My beautiful hair,
would you just stay right up there ?

When the bitter wind blows,
I may no longer have the usual waving hair.
I looked in the mirror,
I now understand why people stare.

With or without the hair,
it is still a long road ahead,
to fight that impossible fight.
I may win, I may lose,
but Should I despair ?
Because who care ?
Because I still have a beautiful hat to wear !


KS Cheah said...

Hehe...Brother! Welcome to my botak club! Don't worry, humor replaces the lost hair. You can start as a junior member :o)


bennyloh said...

Lucky guys, still growing at this age; your head is growing above your head!