Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Kugan

They claimed you are a criminal
They claimed you confessed to your crime of stealing cars
They claimed your confession lead them to recovery of some stolen luxury cars
They also claimed because you have liquid in your lung, you died.
Never mind about the abused marks and bruises all over your body,
you are now another statistic in the perceived police brutalities……

They can also claim alot of other nonsenses,
but dead man tell no stories…..
Now I understand HINDRAF’s cries for fairness and justice for the Indian community

May the truth and justice prevails
May God punish those who commit barbaric brutalities on defenseless fellow human beings.

If you are still alive today,
would you be able to trust the police again ?
I bet you will say NEVER, Over My Dead Body!

Brother Kugan,
May God bless your soul,
And may you rest in peace.

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