Monday, January 19, 2009

Of faked morality and human indecency.....

When more than 5000 innocent civilians died in the 911 terror attack, I saw a video clip showing thousands of “innocent Palestinian women and teenagers” dancing and shouting in the streets of Gaza celebrating the cruel death of innocent civilians. Do civilized human beings rejoiced at the death of fellow human beings ? No ! Only barbarians do that.

When the IDF of Israel counter attacked HAMAS in Gaza, Should I, as a decent human being show sympathy to all those “self proclaimed innocent civilians” who encourages violences to be inflicted on other people ? God is great when you murdered other innocent people because they are of different faiths ? I pray to the Almighty for all you sinful people to repent and stop breeding hatreds.

I will never forgive all those cowards who willingly allowing their children and women to be used as human shield and to be killed to gain publicity. Stop showing your faked pitiful faces, you can fool some people all the times, all the people some of the times, but not all the people all the times.

Today, one misguided Kutty said, “It's morally correct to boycott American's and Israel's goods...”. The question is, what constitute morality ? Why should I boycott the juicy persimmon from Israel ? Why should I punish the poor innocent farmers of Israel simply because some immoral people dislike them due to differences in religion ? So, my misguided Kutty, please park your faked morality elsewhere. Should I boycott the Mamak restaurants because I don't like all the illogical and unfair statements made by one misguided Kutty ? At least I am cultured enough not to burden innocent people with boycott because of my intolerances of other people's opinions.

Recently, the Dalai Lama said "It is difficult to deal with terrorism through non-violence.", and he also said “ I love President George W Bush” So, are you also going to instigate the rest of the world to boycott all the Buddhists with your politic of hatreds ?

Another idiot recently made a statement that he want to mobilize 5 million school children to demonstrate against Israel. Hello, watch my lips and listen carefully, go ask your own children, and leave my children out of it. I do not wish to see my children being influenced to take side and be indoctrinated with hatreds for which all of us have no comprehensions. I have nothing against Israel and her people.

Well, what else can I say ? Preach love not hate..... Stop instigating violences by taking sides. Let's us not deepen the wounds. Let us not indoctrinate our children with hatreds and let the wounds bleed forever. For a start, why can't we teach our children to love the Jews, the Christians, the Hindus, the Buddhists, etc.... ?

I am sicked and tired of all these street demonstrations, protests, boycott calls, etc by all these indecent people with faked morality. May God give them a pair of fair eyes, and fill their hearts with love and compassion.........

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Feli said...

very nicely said Uncle CK. Friends have asked me to boycott things from everywhere and tell me to support this group not that but I refuse to do so.

Can I have your current email address as I have an interesting article to send to you. I tried the streamyx one but it bounced back.