Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Of alternative treatments on Cancer....

Recently, a friend of mine approached me with enthusiasm that she has found a “proven cure” for cancer. I can sense her sincerity and eagerness to help me overcome my health problem. She was trying to impress upon me that, so and so, and so many other people has been cured by this alternative treatment. On closer examination, the alternative treatment she mentioned was actually the same failed treatment I went through recently. So I asked her specifically who are the people that got cured, and their contact numbers so that I can call them to verify the claims. But she told me, she got the information from the peddler and was not able to provide credible reference of cancer patients. Well, here goes again the missing link for evident verification and all the so called conspiracy theories of effective alternative treatments being hijacked or suppressed by established pharmaceutical companies.

So, I told her that I did tried some alternative treatments few months ago that required intensive oral medications, and my cancer was not cured. In fact, after completion of these alternative treatments, I am actually worst off with my cancer marker shot up substantially. Maybe, it did improved a little bit on my general well being. After all, if you pump your body intensively with high concentration of vitamins, your body tends to respond temporary with some positive result. Maybe, some of these alternative treatments did cured “some elusive cancer patients”, but they DEFINITELY did not cured my cancer !

I advised her not to be so gullible to listen and believe in the claims made by alternative medicine peddlers. After all, some of these alternative medicine peddlers are only interested in selling their over glorified vitamin supplements disguised as cancer cure. It is a cruel world out there, some people are so driven by money that they are willing to claim heaven and earth to deceive desperate cancer patients to make quick sale. I am not saying that all alternative treatments / medications are fake, but I do have my doubt on the so called claims of “so and so got cured” and the extra ordinary and unsubstantiated claims.

When I was first diagnosed with cancer, I was a desperate man seeking a cure for my health predicament. But since then, I learned my mistake of indulging in false promises and hopes. I would like to advise cancer patients to evaluate carefully the claims made by peddlers of alternative treatments. I sincerely believed all the claims made by these peddlers are probably over exaggerated due to their eagerness to profit at the expense of desperate cancer patients. The best cancer treatments are still the evidence based treatments advocated by the Oncologist, Radiotherapists, Surgeon, and train medical doctors. Beyond that, I think we better take the claims made by some peddlers of alternative treatments with few spoons of salts.

To all the cancer patients out there, don't bet your life on unproven alternative cancer treatments, you are taking the unnecessary risk of delaying effective conventional treatments by wasting time on phony treatments disguised as “alternative treatments”. Take it this way, if these alternative treatments are claimed to be proven and effective, how come they are not registered with the FDA and Ministry of Health ?

It is cruel to mislead and sell unproven cancer cure to desperate cancer patients at exorbitant price. But again, this is a modern commercial world, it is no longer immoral for unscrupulous people to make profit at the misery of desperate people. When unscrupulous people did not felt any guilts associated with their actions, how can there be immorality ? Well, it is a brave new world out there. Welcome to the real world.

Well, whatever it is, no harm to also have faith in GOD. God Heals !!!!!!

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Feli said...

Well said Uncle CK. I am very skeptical when it comes to people telling me that this ointment is a miracle worker or that drink can cure cancer.

I will only believe it when I see it happening right in front of me.