Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Round 6 : Five Down, One more to go...

It has been five months since I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer ! I am still inching on the slow road to recovery. A slow recovery process, but along the way, I had been enlighten with the experiences of dealing with uncertainty, fear, hope, etc. All these experiences have gave me added wisdom in dealing with the intricacies of life.

Yesterday, My wife and daughter accompanied me to Tung Shin Hospital again to receive my “regular” dosage of chemotherapy. As usual, prior to the chemotherapy, I went through the compulsory blood test to assess whether I am medically fit to proceed with the procedure. The blood test result was within the normal range, my blood pressure is at a healthy level of 130/80, my heart pulse is measured at 67/minute, the physical examination also indicated that there is “no hardening” of tumor at my tummy area.

The chemotherapy session started at 9:30AM and finished at about 1:00pm. This is my fifth chemo, and it took more that 3 and half hours to administer, longer than the usual session that took slightly less than 2 hours to complete. I guess, my body is beginning to reject the cocktails of drug that is being intravenously pumped into my system. Well, any way, I only have one more chemo to go. After which, the good doctor will put me on physical scan (may be PET, MRI, or CT scan) and cancer markers test to determined my progress before we made other adjustment to the treatment regime. Whatever it is, I will play by the ear when the time come to make my decision on the next course of action.

Although the treatment room is cold, eerie cold, but my heart is warm with the presence of the Almighty! I can feel the presence of God with me and I know he said to me “ fear not, I am with thee”. The Almighty assured me of the healing hand of the doctor and nurses who tend to my medical procedures. I praise the Almighty for granting me the emotional, mental, and physical strength to go through all these dreadful and frustrating experiences. All these while, I was never really afraid of the medical procedure, because I know I was never along in facing the challenges – my family was with me, and most important of all, the Almighty was with me. You know, these whole experiences of dealing with cancer is like a journet of enlightenment with the Almighty.

Looking back, both physical and medically, the chemotherapy sessions and the after effects has been a very frustrating and taxing experiences for me. Most of these experiences are dealing with the side effect such as heart burns, gastric reflux, sore throat, mouth ulcers, nausea, fatigue, lost of appetite, neuropathy such as tingling sensation, numbness, and pain in the arm and palm, constipation, and recently hair loss. One just need to have a lot of patient and be very positive dealing and managing these side effects.

The Almighty has been very graceful to me. He made all these side effect manageable for me, and overall, I did exceptionally well in dealing with all these side effects and the uncertainty of issues at hand. However, I do hope the Almighty can grant me further grace by arresting my hair loss. I still want to look handsome with my signature hair.....

At 49 years old, I still have many good years to go. I had fought a good fight so far, but the battle is not won yet. Definitely, it is not the time for me to surrender and rest yet. I shall shoulder on, be a walking miracles, and source of inspiration to others.

Praise the Lord !!!!


Anonymous said...

kiat, have stand in the gap for you at the prayer session on tues night. Just as the LOrd raised Lazarus up, an impossible act, i pray he touch and healed you completely for his glory and that all may know we have an almighty god.!! amen!!

Randolph said...

Keep your spirits up, CK. You will win this battle!