Thursday, January 08, 2009

Boycott USA again ?

A small consumer association in Malaysia is spearheading a nationwide boycott of US-made products on Friday. Read Boycott of US brands to begin tomorrow.

The consumer association asked its members to boycott US-made product because they supported the HAMAS while the USA supported Israel. Now, are we also going to boycott Australian and European products because these two continents also openly support the Israelis ? For that matter, even the UN Secretary General blamed the HAMAS for starting the WAR in Gaza. Are we going to boycott the United Nations as well ?

The war is fought in Gaza between Israel and Hamas. But we blamed the American. And, recently, we even have a small group of people demonstrating noisily in front of the American embassy. We are asked to boycott the USA because they supported Israel, but what if the USA also asked her citizens to boycott Malaysian products because we supported the HAMAS ?

I do not wish to be offensive, but my personal view is, the Middle East region ( Israel included) is the most barbaric regions in the world, the inhabitants there are a disgrace to humanity. These people out there seemed to have never ending satiations for violent and bloods. HAMAS seemed to think that it is their rights to launch deadly Qassam rockets into residential areas of Israel, while Israel also think that it is her rights to attack senselessly and disproportionately with no regards for innocent civilians. As far as I am concerned, both parties are equally barbaric, evil, and guilty of crimes against humanity. If we want to condemn, then we should not take side but to condemn both Israel and HAMAS !

Let us not be a hypocrites in taking side to demonstrate and show our support for either Hamas or Israel. Why waste our energy and time to create new enemies for ourself by boycotting the USA ? Aren't the Americans also like some Malaysians ? Simply because some Malaysians supported HAMAS while some Americans supported Israel, we seemed to think that we have the moral authority to condemn another country because their understanding and opinions differ from ours ? Let us all not to be so misguided and blinded to offer support based on our emotional biases and religious preferences. As far as I am concerned, it pains me to see innocent Israelis and Palestinian civilians suffer in this senseless and never ending conflicts.

HAMAS can go to Hell, the Israelis military can go to Hell, and so is the supporters of both HAMAS and Israel. For those who seemed to think that it is righteous to support Hamas or Israel in this conflict, please book a flight ticket to go to the war zones to fight on their behalf. Please stop disturbing the peace in Malaysia with your noisy demonstrations and boycotting activities.

Why do we always blame the USA for the insane conflict in the Middle East ? As a biased supporter of of one of the conflicting parties, do we, Malaysians, still have the moral authority and fairness to throw condemnations and accusations at other countries simply because they choose to side the parties opposed by us ? Well, a noisy group of self professed moral minority does not represent the rest of the majority of Malaysians.

I am posting this journal entry using Blogger ( the server resides in USA ), an Intel powered notebook ( Intel is an American technology ), and Microsoft Office ( Microsoft is also an American company). Many of my close friends work in American companies. I am insured by AIA ( American Insurance company). I also derive my income from American technologies. Now, should I throw away my computer, cancel my insurance policy, and asked my friends to quit their jobs ? Would you also do the same ?

I would like to believe that the administration of the government of Malaysia to a certain extent, are driven by Microsoft software and American computing technologies. For that matter, I also believe that most of the Takalful insurance companies in Malaysia are using American computing technologies and computer software to issue insurance policies, statements, etc. How about also asking them to boycott products from these infidel companies ? I shake my head......

Call me a hypocrite, narrow minded, insensitive, or whatever you want. But in your eagerness to express your righteousness, I do hope you still possess some basic decency to respect differences in opinions and observations. After all, these companies we are asked to boycott are also innocent civilians, don't drag them into the war to complicate the economic well beings of innocent Malaysians. I don't think it is right for me to bite the hand that feed me....

We must realize that, by taking side and show our support to warring parties, we are actually instigating, encouraging, and promoting further violences. For those who still insist on supporting Hamas or Israel, please, pity those innocent civilians for paying the horrible price of wars, and park your bloodied fake righteousness and immorality elsewhere.

Let's pray to the Almighty in the name of the Prince of Peace to stop the wars and sufferings. I do sincerely wish all of us can have the capacity to love and be loved. I do hope we can have the grace not to cultivate hatreds against others based on religious differences. Instead of noisy demonstrations and boycotting activities, I do hope all those self professed righteous people can offer prayers in their places of worships to seek divine intervention to bless the Palestinians and Israelis with hearts fill with love and peace.......


Anonymous said...

Good post! It suits certain people's purposes to blame the USA for every wrong and that is infantile thinking !!

Randolph said...

Well said, CK. It shows that certain people only see what they want to see, and then foolishly act to justify their illogically thinking.

Randolph said...

Sorry, typo, should be:

Well said, CK. It shows that certain people only see what they want to see, and then foolishly act to justify their illogical thinking.

Anonymous said...

Fighting Fair - What the Media Doesn't Tell You


We regularly hear news reports about Palestinian women and children

killed in Israeli airstrikes as she retaliates for attacks on its

civilian populations. Israel is often condemned by the media for their

'disproportionate response.'

I was privileged to sit in on a security briefing about Israel 's

defense policies and practices. What I learned was shocking and is

never reported by the media. Hamas and other terrorist groups use

their own civilian population in their fight against Israel .

Terrorist tactics go way beyond using women as human shields. When

planning an attack against Israel , Hamas will round up children, the

elderly and even pregnant women and herd them to the area from which

they intend to launch their attack. Once these helpless people are

rounded up and taken to the place from which Hamas will launch its

rockets into Israel , they are forced to surround the missile

launchers and remain in place until Hamas allows them to leave. If the

people refuse to cooperate, they are killed on the spot or revenge is

taken out on their families.

Why is Hamas using helpless civilians to serve as human shields for

their missile launchers? This is the most insidious part of Hamas'

plan. You see, Israel possesses the capability to pin point the exact

location from which Hamas launches its rockets. If Israel elects to

fire back, who are they going to kill but the innocent children,

elderly and pregnant women Hamas has placed around their missile


This is often the reason the media paints Israel as the "bad guys."

Frequently we hear reports of an Israeli air strike killing women and

children in the process of targeting some known group of terrorists or

terrorist leader. What the liberal media never mentions is that these

innocent people were being held hostage by Hamas to surround their

missile launchers, in essence, daring Israel to retaliate.

If Arafat left no other lesson behind for the Palestinian people, he

taught them how to effectively manipulate the press and Hamas has

learned this lesson well. They know that if Israel strikes back

killing women and children it will give the media a hay day creating

another black eye for Israel . In addition, Hamas often uses public

locations to store weapons and civilian housing complexes as terrorist

bases of operation. When such places come to the attention of the IDF,

in consideration for the civilians living in and around these Hamas

strongholds, Israel will often telephone an advance warning that they

intend to strike. In all my days I have never heard of any army

warning its enemy of the date and approximate time it intends to

launch an attack. Israel 's intention is to save innocent lives, and

Hamas uses this to their advantage thus giving them time to relocate

their weapons and their fighters.

To further stack the cards in their favor, Hamas will often force

innocent children, women and the elderly onto the rooftops of places

Israel is preparing to strike in order to make certain there are

civilian casualties for the media to see and report. The Palestinian

people have no choice in the matter. The next day newspapers around

the world print headlines something like… "Israeli air strike kills

women and children in housing complex …." The Israelis are not

fighting against people who value life. They are fighting against evil

terrorists who think nothing about sacrificing innocent and helpless

people who are their own flesh and blood in their fight against Israel


Where are the investigative reporters who used to report the news

without interjecting their own slants and biases and who would dig for

and report the truth? The world must consider the nature of the enemy

Israel is facing. As terrible as 9/11 was for America , we have had

only a slight taste of terrorism in our land.

People everywhere who value life and who hold fast to the concepts of

freedom and democracy must start paying close attention to what is

happening in Israel . We must read every newspaper account with a

questioning mind. Just because it is in print does not make it true.

If we fail to stand up and speak out in support of Israel and against

terrorism, we will soon be wrapped in the clutches of terrorists much

like a boa constrictor wraps its victim squeezing the life out of it

until the victim can no longer breathe. We must be alert and make it

our business to be educated. Read newspapers…yes. Watch news

reports…yes - but we must make it a point to dig below the surface.

The only way to defeat our enemy is to know our enemy.

Earl Cox, International Christian Broadcaster, known as 'the voice of

Israel to the world.' He is also the founder of Israel Always