Friday, February 13, 2009

Conversation with God

O Almighty,
between suffering and despair,
let me not shiver in frustrations,
solitudes, nor deprivations.
Let the night not be a dread.

I walked tall,
I walked with dignity.
But, with this weary body,
I am very tired.
This burden of sickness,
is too heavy for me to bear.
A burden without fruits but sufferings.

How do I cast my burden upon you?
Would you lift me and heal my pains?
Would you walk with me in my time of desperations?
Would you cast me the salts to heal?
Would you show me the light of enlightenments?
Would you leave footprints for me to follow?
Would you?
Would you?
Would you?

I know not what I’ve done?
Did I falter and forget?
With tears in my heart,
I say, do not forsake me again.

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