Thursday, February 12, 2009


In waiting to live,
In waiting to die,
I saw her soul.
She said,
“Son, move on, fight on, and be patient”
“No tears, fight with pride, live with dignity.”

The soul within me,
Do I know me?
To win the battles ahead,
I must travel deep within my soul.
But, when was the last time,
I been to me?

I may frown,
but, I will find my way,
breaking through life’s cobweb,
in these perpetual summer air.

In the valley of death,
The sky is
always darker than the blood.
So be it.
I will move on,
Fear has no place in my life,
and I will fight on
to dignify my existence….


Anonymous said...

kiat also make appointment to see mr Krishna at selayang hosp.
2. must exercise daily - evidence that it reduces risk of breast cancer in postmenopausal women by 40%!!!!
3. Matthew 7:7 Ask, seek, knock!!

boona said...

Kiat, boona here. my best wishes 2 u.pray the final chemo regime will rid off all the mutant cells. u r a very positive person as all yr blogs show. read all yr blogs without fail. read yr book just now.a very fulfilling book.keep up yr fighting spirits.My regards 2 Lai2 n Ivan.