Friday, February 06, 2009

Round Seven :Here comes the magic bullet…

I was at the Tung Shin hospital again on Feb 5th 2009 to received my scheduled Computer Tomography scan, or commonly known as CT scan. CT scan is a simple procedure, where prior to the actual “scan”, I was asked to drink 4 glasses of “Contrast Liquid”, and intravenously injected with a special kind of Dye through my blood vessels. The scan enables the X-ray technician to take various photographic shots of my internal organs. The good doctor needs these photographic images to compare the physical size of my tumor, and as well as to detect whether there are any new tumors spreading to other organs.

I went into the scanning room at 10:30am, the scan was completed around 11:30AM, and I was asked to go back to my hospital room to rest and wait for the reports from the technicians. I waited anxiously for the report, and finally, the report came out at around 3:30 PM. Approximately more than 4 hours for a simple report. I do wonder why the hospital is inefficient in preparing the report. Well, what else can I say, sometimes, it is the people behind the hardware that make the difference between caring and lousy services.

To cut the story short, it was an agonizing waiting period for the report. Despite my calmness, I do worry that the report may be negative indicating that the cancer has spreaded to other body organs, or the tumor at the pancreas has grown in size.

With the report, the Oncologist attending my treatment regime gave me his professional assessment of my progress. He indicated to me the good news that, although the cancer marker has only dropped slightly compared to the initial figures, but the cancer has not spread, it is still isolated to the pancreas only, and the tumor is still maintain at the same size. So, overall, the cancer is under control with all my other health indicator at healthy levels. The important thing is, I still looked healthier than a lot of “healthy” people.

The Oncologist has suggested I proceed with my 6th chemotherapy session next week, and as well as trying out the orally taken special “magic bullets” to try to shoot down the cancer marker. The special magic bullet is Tarciva”, a new target specific oral drug recently developed to treat Pancreatic and Liver cancer. The only drawback is, this new drug is very expensive, it cost around RM 9K for a treatment! So, my monthly treatment costs now jumps from RM 5K plus to RM 14K plus!!!! It is an expensive affair to stay alive!!!! The Almighty indeed has a very funny sense of humor! Anyway, I gave my consent to the Oncologist to order the Tarciva for next week treatment, and I will leave it to the Almighty to provide me with the additional source of income to finance my treatment regime.

Don’t underestimate this old tiger! I did not start this fight, but since it has been initiated against me, I will fight a good fight, and I will not throw in my towel! My fighting spirit is still very strong…… Praise the Lord.

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Anonymous said...

Lord, I lift up CK to your throne. May You, almighty Father, guide the physician with Your knowledge and wisdom. I jesus name we prayed that the cancer in CK body is defeated and complete healing is achieved. we ask for strength and comfort to move forward in faith and hope. In Jesus' name. Amen.