Wednesday, February 25, 2009

There are cats in my garden....

The dirty looking cat just arrogantly jumped into my garden and chased away the beautiful birds. Some people just love pussies, but the problem is, they let their pussies roaming around the neighborhood, scavenging garbage can for foods, discharging smelly faeces on other people gardens, and making all those irritating on heat noises.

To all those irresponsible cat owners, they should know, that not everybody love their smelly and dirty pussies. It looks like I have to bring in a pet dog to keep all those unwelcome cats away from my garden.

I can not understand why the local town councils are having the biases against dogs. They go all the way to hunt down dogs in the neighborhood. Some town councils even compelled dog owners to seek permissions from their neighbors before dog owning licenses are issued. But when comes to cats, the local town councils seemed to think that it is everybody goddamn rights to live with dirty pussies menaces.

I don't think a lot of people love cats. Some Asian families believed that cats bring luck to their families, but I don't see these people who don't keep cats as pets, going around hating cats, or causing difficulties to cat owners. I have no problem with cats, but I sincerely wish all those cat owners can have some basic decency civic mindedness to keep their cats under control and feed them well. I am completely repulsed by all those idiots who let their cats roaming around the neighborhood rummaging the garbage cans, and dropping the smelly faeces in my garden.

Maybe I am wrong, I do wonder whether the preferences by local authorities for cats and discrimination against dogs are driven by religious ignorances. But whatever it is, may I kindly remind the local authorities that, they are paid by the tax payers to do their jobs and not to practice their personal biases and preferences.

One question I want to put forward to some of the local town councils. Why the discriminations against dogs. Why no actions taken against stray cats and their owners ? Why not also compel the cat owners to seek permissions from their neighbors before cat owning licenses are issued ? Well, perhaps, for reasons only known to them, may be they love smelly pussies but not the old and reliable Hot Dog...

Meow....meow..... here come the pussy men looking for hot dogs again !!!!!

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