Wednesday, February 25, 2009

There are birds in my garden....

The past few mornings, I noticed, there are birds visiting my garden. There are not just any birds, but beautiful and colourful birds which I have not seen before. These birds produced the most melodious chirping sounds. I know not much about birds, and I will not attempt to name them. The important thing is, there are now birds visiting my garden almost every morning, and occasionally beautiful butterflies and dragonflies are there too.

Since being diagnosed with my present illness, and since I am n medical leave, I had been spending times to make little garden presentable, planting and replanting, herbs and flowers. It is satisfying to see the blossoming of flowers, and it is equally satisfying to see colourful birds, butterflies, and dragonflies paying visit to the garden. A little efforts in beautifying the garden does go a long way in attracting nature most beautiful creatures. Indeed, the Almighty's creations are beautiful.

After my daily morning walk, I will usually get a copy of reading materials, sit at the garden to wait for the birds to come. Occasionally I will sprinkle some rice on the grass to attract the birds to eat. When, the bird came, I will sit very still and quietly observing the birds chirping away, flipping their wings, and sprint from one place to another. Occasionally, the birds will steal a look at me, then carry on with their usual routines. Sometimes, the birds just flew in, stay for a few seconds, and then off they go to another place. Sometimes, some of the birds attempted to test their territory by going nearer and nearer to me before the fly off to another corner of the garden. I guess, birds do have personalities and are capable of most harmonious acts. Sometimes, my mind wonders whether I am in a dream, as a bird in a garden looking at the man observing me, or am I the man watching the bird ?

How do I make the birds stay longer in my garden or attract more varieties of birds to visit ? Maybe over the next few weeks, I will make some bird boxes with feeders filled with bird seeds. It will be very rewarding, if some days, the birds can fly to my feet or anywhere within very close proximity. Would I be able to communicate with the birds then ? Would I then be able to understand from the birds, the principle of life, where you do not have to worry about tomorrow provisions, and live for today, and one day at a time ?

Little birds, if there is a heaven, and if heaven is full of music, are all those melodious and joyful chirpings you proudly present to me, a sample of what to come ? When my maker take my soul, would I be as free as the birds, gliding in the azure blue skies, visiting beautiful little gardens, smelling the roses, enjoying the fragrant air, and feeling the soft green grass under my sole?

At the end of the day, does it really matter if I fought a good fight ? Does it ? If I can't add more years to my life, how do I move on and make the most out of my life ? Life, at times, are beautiful and splendid, but it can also be full of sufferings. Perhaps, my purpose now is to prepare myself to enter this elusive beautiful garden of my deluded minds. If there is no paradise on earth, maybe there is a garden of God out there where I belong, where there are no more illness, and I would not be lonely again fighting my battles against this dreadful disease.

Well, perhaps a life is like a garden. I am the gardener of my life. It is up to me how I want to cultivate my garden and make my life purposeful, meaningful, and pleasurable............

That's life !

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