Friday, February 20, 2009

Coping with the new drugs

After the fifth chemotherapy, where the cancer marker did not drop substantially, the doctor advised me to go on the second line of defense against the Pancreatic cancer. I was put on a 60 days course of orally taken targeted therapy of Tarceva tablets. According to my understanding, Tarceva is relatively a new cancer fighting drugs, and since it is new, it is very Expensive !!! It block tumor cells growth by inhibiting enzyme within the cells associated with the epidermal growth factor receptor. In other words, it specifically go after those hardcore cancer cell, but leave the normal cells intact. It's been 10 days since I started on the Tarceva course in combination with the Germcitabine chemotherapy.

In addition to all those normal side effects of the chemotherapy which I blog about in my previous postings. After the 4th chemo, my hair began to drop, and it dropped at an alarming rate, and by the 5th chemo, I began to notice bald patches on my head. I as real worried, because, I don't think I can get used to become a Botak Head. It would be like a King losing his crown !! A day before the 6th Chemo, I had my little conversations with the Almighty, I pray to him to stop my hair from dropping further, and let me keep my crown. Well, miracle does happened. The next day, I noticed, the are no more hair on the basin when I do my usual morning wash-up. Since then, my hair also begin to grow back. The Almighty does works in a miraculous way. Praise the Lord, and My heartfelt thank to the Almighty for listening to my prayer. Well, to have further miracles, I guess, it is better for me to keep praying to the Almighty to trigger a spontaneous remission of my pancreatic tumors. I hope, the Almighty equip the good doctor with the wisdom, knowledge, medications, and healing hand to achieve this ultimate objective.

Now, coming back to the side effects, I am more or less getting used to managing those side effects which I mentioned earlier in my previous postings. However, the new Tarceva drugs, eventhough, the good doctor claimed that there are no side effects associated with it, but I do encountered some new side effects. On the 6th day onward, I developed rashes in my body, especially the chest area. I encountered severe palpitations and cold sweatings, it is like I am being hit by a heart attack. I also noticed that, my appetite for solid food is getting poorer. I am easily fatigued, sometimes, I just dozed off in the middle of something. In addition, I also developed mouth sore, throat infection, and dry skin especially at the facial area. I hope the next 50 days or so, I would be able to overcome and managed this new side effects to improve the quality of my daily existence.

After more than six month of treatment regime, I am more or less getting used to the pains and discomforts. I am also used to the insensitive remarks being hurl against me, as well as being taken advantage off by over eager alternative treatments peddlers. But on the positive side, I also gain the support from friends and spiritual brothers and sisters, who gave me words of encouragement, and their continued healing prayers. I felt their prayers, and I felt the healing energies surrounding me. I felt good !!!

In my times of difficulties, I am so fortunate to rediscover the goodness of the Almighty. HE is Good, he gave me strength, and he gave me hope. Emotionally and spiritually speaking, the past 6 months has been an amazing journey of self discoveries of embracing hope, dealing with frustrations, and confronting fears and uncertainty. I thank the almighty for giving me this special privilege to experience these many facets of life.

I lost my mother to Cancer 15 years ago. I am not going to lose my life to cancer !! Real man don't cry, and I will fight with all my wills and arsenals to win. Like it or not, although being diagnosed with cancer was a nightmare for me, but I was awaken with incredible fighting spirit. I know, I shall emerge victorious.

That's life.........

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Anonymous said...

Brother Wong

Keep up your generosity. You have a big heart. Continue to have faith in Lord Jesus Christ and pray in his name and you will always be protected and guided accordingly.

God Blessed You.

Praise The Lord.