Monday, February 16, 2009

Of being open minded…….

Yesterday, my blog's password was breached. I find it amazing that there are actually talented person out there willing to abuse his talents to decode my password and made postings in my blog. Well, whatever it is, I hope the intruder had his fun. So am I, I did enjoy reading his postings. But, to ensure that the party is over, I changed my blog’s password. I have the funny feeling that I know my web log’s intruder. But whatever it is, I am not going to waste my energy to explore this matter further. To the intruder still at large, if you have something against me or felt uneasy with some of my postings, why don’t you try your very best to forgive and forget ? You know, indulging in unhealthy activities is of no good to you, you should try your very best to culture yourself to respect others’ pivate space.

Coming back to my personal health, the previous six month has been a challenging period for me dealing with the management of my treatment regime. A friend of mine suggested I take up Qi Qong ( Chi Dynamic, to be precised) as a form of breathing exercise to improve my chances of recovery. I consulted the good doctor, he encouraged and suggested I should take up Qi Qong, because in his opinion, it will definitely improve my health. So I enrolled in a Qi Qong class. To my surprise, my Christian friends disapproved of my involvement in Qi Qong, trying the level best, either directly or indirectly, to discourage me from further engaging in Qi Qong. To sum it up, their main reason is, Qi Qong is associated with cults and other religions. I was asked to put more faith into Jesus Christ as my healer. Well, maybe I do not know what I am doing, but one thing I do know, some of these Christian friends of mine are basically quite narrow minded. I am really amazed that, without further understanding and knowledge of Qi Qong, these people can be so quick to jump into conclusion that Qi Qong is against Christian values. I bet if they are cancer patients, they wouldn’t be so quick to make this narrow minded conclusion. So, I do have faith in my Almighty as my healer, but I am also well aware that God only help those who help himself. Why some of these people are so narrow minded to question my faith, when I see nothing religious about practicing Qi Qong? Whatever it is, I do strongly believe that, people should not use the name of religion to question my faith and decision to adopt Qi Qong as therapeutic intervention of arresting my deteriorating health. So what next, should I also discard traditionally Chinese medicine because, if you trace back the history, TCM is also related to spirituality ? I guess, the bottom line is, if you are not open minded, religion will always be abused to justify our own intolerances of other people’s actions.

Coming back to my blog, on many occasions, I also received emails from some readers of this blog criticizing me for not publishing their comments relating to some of the postings here. Well, as I explained before, this is a real world. My blog is my private space where I occasionally publish my thoughts, emotions, and sentiments. It is my rights to publish or reject “comments” submitted by the readers. But one thing I want to make it clear is, I had never rejected comments where names and contact details are provided by the “commentators”. So far, I only reject those comments submitted under “Anonymous”. If a person refused to be identified and have no guts to be associated with his own submitted comments, what kind of rights he expect me to accord to him ? You know, for refusing to publish their comments , ome of these Anonymous people accused me of not Open Minded. Maybe I am ! Should I be apologetic to them ? In the first place, is it so difficult for them to be a bit responsible to refrain from hiding behind “Anonymous” to submit comments with opposing views ? I think some of these people who intend to be identified as Anonymous are hypocrites and naively perverted.

By nature, we may deny it, but we are hypocrites. We judged but refuse dto be judged. We are all in practice narrow minded, but we accused others and romanticized Openness, being open minded, and what-nots ! To prevent myself from being drown by all these misplaced values, I shall continue to speak my mind, and I do not need to be right all the times,. I will only embrace others’ opinions and ideas as and when it is necessary. Am I being narrow minded ? Yes, I am. Do you have problem with that ? Go indulge in your own private space and mind your own business ! Or am I being arrogant ?

Believe it or not, we can only rise to the level of our lowest opinions on others. It is good to romanticize open mindedness, but we are only as open minded as our perception on others. The rest, perhaps to live in a more peaceful and happy world, we should leave it to the meeks to inherit the earth……..


Anonymous said...

I wonder at times, when one is sick, especially with diseases that kills, what's the use of praying for GOD to be one's saviour ?

Does it matter to GOD if one is dead or alive ? Does GOD reward the good guys with longer lifespan ? Does GOD punishes the rotten ones ? Somehow, judging from all the nasty people we see all over the world, it kind of giving me the feel that GOD leave it to us individually to decide how long we decide to stay on this place call earth before we are carted to the next realm.

Yes, we decide how far we want to go the length albeit within the general expiry date for mankind.

Your habit, your food, your lifestyle, your habitat and to a certain extent the conduct of the people who brought you here and the cohabitants you share everything will determine how long and how well you continue to exist in this physical entity.

Do your best to survive, despite what others said. Whatever means that drive you through the dusk and see the break of dawn in that cyclical manner is what counts.

You can go to the mountain to breathe the freshest air, drink the cleanest water, eat the healthiest food, and put your mind in sync with mother earth...that is what those old sifus of Qi Gong does anyway, you will find that your stay on earth may be prolonged indefinitely, and, I still maintain, it really does not matter to GOD if you are dead or alive.

Dalai Baru said...


I forgive you for making use of mmy password and tempered with my blog contents. I also forgive you for your various attempt to post insulting comments. Try to rid yourself of hatreds, perhaps you will be happier...

God bless you.