Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Chosen One ?

There are always "chosen" people with certain gifted ability to have the "six sense" of sensing and parsing the environment beyond our normal three dimensional perspective. What if you are "chosen to be gifted" with this ability to interact with the spiritual realm ? Believe it or not, this so called gifted abilities is a torturous gifts from the unknown. Times and again, when this unwelcome gifts drifted you into the subconscious realizations of another dimension, you will somehow be reminded of silent codes of not interfering into this hallucinated realm of the unknowns. You are bounded by the unwritten and untold understanding to keep your visions and words to yourself. Otherwise, attempts to indulge in offering remedial actions to the dwellers of our three dimensional world is an act of interfering in the natural order of spiritualism, and may very well sapped your energies away from your body and affect physical aura and emotional well beings. Once this happened, you will usually suffered from physical weakness and unknown illness, and are also subjecting yourself to be trapped into the initial stage of being possessed by unwelcome spirits. And the journey of thousand troubles begins with our first steps of spiritual adventurism !

A piece of warning. Initially, this "gifted ability" is fun to have because it gave you a false sense of spiritual power over others. Do not be carried away with your "super natural" abilities by indiscriminately telling others your visions and offer advises or remedial actions. Some of these "gifted people" may be self motivated to wrongly believes that this cosmic universe of ours has given them with this gifted ability to save or help fellow human beings. Believe me, we are not put in this world to interfere with the spiritual world, unless we aspired to be a sage or saint. In our modern world, hedonism, materialisms, and false beliefs has corrupted and destroyed the possibility of attainment of higher spiritual enlightenment. If you are not careful, you may also end-up worshipping devils and satans. Therefore, do not allow yourself to be drifted into this undefined and unknown spiritualism simply because you have been enticed with temporary gifted abilities, but, be a man at peace and have self control over your concious mind.

Trust me, I speak with the knowledge of a person that has been there and back. DO NOT messed with spiritualism by invoking the name of God to deliver your gifted abilities. How sure are you that these gifted abilities are deliver to you by God ? As far as I can understand, we are all merely insignificant particles in this cosmic universe, the acquired gifted abilities are probably due to accidental interactions and conservations of energies from unknown plains. Be mentally strong and stay true your commitment to the path of positive relativities and do not be swayed by emotional events or afflictions into the unchartered ground of unknown spiritualism.

Now, what if you are aware of the negative energies affecting people who are close to you ? Please don't try to be a hero to challenge the unknowns. Let it be, let it passed, and offer silent prayers to seek the power of almighty to alter the aura of the surroundings so that opposing energies does not crossed paths and are harmonized.

The energies in the other dimensions should never be interfered and should never be harnessed to gain temporary comforts. Let the spiritual nature take its course.... having the gifted spiritual abilities does not mean we can abuse it to interfere with the spiritual order which we have no understanding.

Everyday, I do see angels....... I do see evil spirits.... I seek not favors nor confrontations. I would rather enjoy my cup of hot aromatic black coffee in this given earthly graden of the almighty. It is my duty to stay true to my cosmic earthly path to Nirvana.... Om mani padme hom... Om Namo Amithaba Buddha.....


whitelotus said...

Yes, sinseh... I understand !
May the almighty bless you.
Om Mani Padme Hum

Sean Bein said...

I guess this is how u got your Third Eye Activision.
by drinking too much coffee and tea

Soul_Voice said...

My dear friend,
The crown of "The Chosen One" is a heavy one to bear.
I have been taught that the abilities to "see and know", come with initiation and guidance from Celestial Masters. Having a third eye is a heavy responsibility and one will not be "chosen" unless there is an inherent higher objective.
I wish you the very best in your journey of self-discovery and the unveiling of what that objective is!
With Blessings, Love and Light always.