Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A demented world.....

It seemed. Violences, terrorisms, and all those criminal acts associated with human cowardice has become part of our daily life. On the daily basis, we are constantly being bombarded with media interviews of evil looking men justifying their horrible violences in the name of religion, culture, race, and all sort of nonsense. This long and winding road of human evolution, is it called civilization or was it animalization ? Violences as a result of misplaced angers or carefully crafted displayed of emotions is justified as long as we portrayed ourselves as victims or the oppressed. There are always emotionally charged suckers being easily influenced to carrying out further violences on behalf of these evil looking men !

There are always sick minds who abandoned their own country and seek asylum or migrated to the west. But once they are settled in the west and given the freedom and comfort of the new country, they become a traitors to their host country, crying wolf that they are being discriminated, disrespected, and oppressed. So, they beat their chests and punched their fists in the air to demand that their way of life, culture,and religion must be respected and accepted by the rest of the people in their host country. And surprisingly, they are always other equally sicked people in other part of the world cheering them on. Well, these ungrateful people is a disgraced to humanity. Their host country accepted them generously and accorded them with all the rights but in return, they rewarded their host country with cowardice violences to force the rest to submit to their intolerances of other people way of life. Sicked minds think alike and morons seldom differ.

We seemed to live in a world that is increasingly and irrationally sadistically hedonistic simply because we allow ourselves to be emotionally and physically terrorized by narrow minded intolerants.

I was recently told a little story of confused Samaritans. The story goes like this :

A man was beaten up by robbers on a road to London. He lay there,half dead and in bad shape. A community leader came along, saw him and passed by on the other side. Next, a scholar came by but also walked quickly on the other side. Finally, a politician came along, looked at the man and said, "Whoever did this needs help!" and all the three men said "Yah.... we need to understand why the person did this, understand the root cause, ............." But the sad part is, the victim was left there to die !

We are after all, a rare species of pathetic animals. Our disproportionately inappropriate pardonism and dementalism had created fertile ground for criminals and evil doers to manipulate our emotional stupidity to support their animalistic acts. As a result, we reward criminals by inappropriately empathized with their immoral causes and give misguided support and generous publicities to the extend of romancing the terror doers. A despicable act of masturbating with false moral values in an attempt to achieve emotional orgasms.

The problem is, when we allow ourselves to be emotionally linked to criminals without any sense of justice and rationality, we tends to find commonality to be associated with these violent criminals and evil doers. As a result, we empathized and sympathized with their misguided and evil causes. We prefer to listen to the criminals biased stories simply because we romanticized ourselves to be the oppressed. And we seek salvation by striking fears and deliver violences to force others to submit to our dominations and accept our way of life. We became intolerant to others!

I am increasingly sicked of people telling me that, the root causes justifies terrorisms and violences ? Can a rapist justifies his crime because he has been sexually deprived, can not afford to pay for a prostitute, or the victim dressed too sexily ? Stop the bullshitting and self denials ! Be a fair human being, be responsible for your own actions, stop instigating others to commit violent acts, and stop the stupidity of blindly supporting evil doers.

I valued human rights. I valued life. I valued humanity. Did you ?

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