Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday Morning's Prayer.......

This quiet late Saturday evening or perhaps early Sunday morning, time is not really a great concern to me. Space is what I am in control now ! Yes, almighty, I am indeed a troubled man. I care not for myself, but the consequent of my responsibilities towards the surrounding of my habitat. The eerie silence punctured by occasional sounds of mental mantra chanting escaping my incoherent lips. Is this a source of inspiration or an invitation to venture into my spiritual adventurism ? I don't really care now. I will let the almighty decide my direction of time and space in this moment of temporary reorientation of sanity.

Dear Almighty, mankind has adapted various religion in your name. And, in the name of various religion, mankind has deviated from the compassionate instincts to become intolerance of each other ways of life. Please sprinkle that magical cosmic energies to the hearts of all mankind so that we can see the beauties in each other regardless of the differences in thoughts, words, and deeds.

The emperor of the celestial heaven, my almighty, I seek your gracious interference to restore love and peace into our corrupted hearts and remove hates and violences from this infested earthly garden. With all knowledge gain since the creation of the first sound and light of civilization, mankind have evolved into uncontrollable beasts with unmanaged rages and misplaced angers. With this humble prayer, I seek your divine blessing to enable misguided souls to appreciate this precious limited earthly time left to love one another and humanity.

I seek your blessings to enable fellow human beings to have the courage and the generosity to smile at each other. May the hardened hearts of terrorists be graced to find comforts in compassionate acceptance of walking the path of non violences. May your healing energies surround the areas of wars so that sparkles of hope can rekindled the rejuvenation of lasting peace again in those dark corners of humanity. May the men, women, children, the aged, the educated, and the illiterates irregardless of nationalities, races, and religions embrace each other in the spirit of brotherhood to promote peace, love, health, prosperity, and joy.

May you blessed and guide the wandering spirits and the souls of those who perished in natural deaths, sickness, wars, crimes, disasters, and other acts of mankind's' stupidities. Please allow them to rest in peace and find eternal joy in your kingdom of heaven.

Please remove the fears in our hearts, so that we can learn to love each other again. Help us to suppress hatreds, and eliminate that animal desires to established domination, territorial control, and revenges.

Dear Almighty, we are your children, humanity has lost the sense of beings. The corrupted environment has maketh us the beasts. With this humble prayer from my heart in desperation, I seek your grace and divinity to send your most compassionate angel, Kuanyim, to guide us back into our true purpose of life.

Om mani padme hum. Om namo amithaba Buddha.

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