Thursday, August 24, 2006

Worthy is the lamb that was slain........

The Nazi's and Adolph Hitler are good Christians who believed in the Christian values as the foundation for national and family morality. But these idiots are also war mongering military expansionists. They used religion to persecute the jews and initiated wars in Europe. Millions of people are murdered and killed in the name of religion to justify racial hatreds and jealousy.

Bush said God told him to lead Americans against evils in Afganistan and Middle East. I believed Bush is also good Christian. For his hallucinated guidance from God, he commanded America to go into unprovoked wars and political interferences in various parts of the world and thousands of people suffered and died because they aren't one of them ! Am I right to make this assumption ?

An outcast who is infatuated with Whitney Houston and read Penthouse, Playboy, and other pornographic materials to supplement his holy scriptures started a global terrorists network. He lead a group of delusioned and fanatical criminals. In the name of God, they launched indiscriminate attacks against innocent people to gain publicities. Thousand of people are killed and properties are damaged in the name of God. A classic case of religion being hijacked to achieve personal perverted vision.

We know very well that demented personality seeking popularity and political influence will always made use of those stupid unemployed followers to believe that there will be beautiful heaven waiting for them after death if they commit "suicidal holy crimes" in the name of God. This is a sad reality of abuse of faith in religion, resulting in sicked minds and demented killers hiding and lining up to commit cowardice murders in the name of religion. These criminals will go on conducting indiscriminate mass killings using all sorts of religious rationales, and the delusioned apologists will always be there to defend these demented criminals in the name of perceived injustices.

In the name of defending the values of God, fanatical religious followers has started defensive violences to spread , expand, and established territorial grounds for the religion. With more spiritual knowledge, we are beginning to be less confident of our own faiths. We begin to see the need to convert followers of other faiths into our own faiths, we create laws to prevent followers of our faiths convert to other faiths, we expect others to respect our beliefs while we are intolerance to others' perceived beliefs.

I am very sure, God ( doesn't matter which religion ) is all compassionate and just, and it is the will of God that there is no compulsion to submit to God. As a believer in your God, you are expected to love your enemies and show respect and tolerances towards other religions, races, cultures, etc. How can religious men or God fearing persons with superb intellectual capabilities indulged in political conspiracies to poison the followers of their own faith to have such virulent intolerances towards other religions and races ? I still have faiths in my belief. But I am beginning to have the conclusion that some religions have been hijacked by followers of satanic cults. How can words from primitive books breeds so much insanity and violences. Are those words man created or commandments from God ? If absolute power corrupts absolutely, and God is all powerful, then some Gods must be bloody corrupted and evil. Forgive me for my disrespected thoughts on God.

When will this catastrophe of religious extremisms and fanaticism be wiped off from this earth. In the name of your God, don't let this lone voice of humanity drown in your barbaric attempts to unreasonable transgress the limit of human decency. I am very sure, your God does not love transgressors. If you keep invoking the name of God to carry out misdeeds, HELL is waiting for you. And, all those innocent souls wronged by you love to see you burnt in HELL on their entertainment channel in heaven.

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