Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Oh oh... We are at it again !

On 14th August 2006, a local newspaper reported that, a local political party's youth wing has given the green light to its member to burn Israeli flags. It also stated that, it is okay to burn US and British flags. The youth chief has also stated that, its members has no choice but to burns these countries flags to reflect their ( misplaced ? ) angers.

Sometimes, whether we like it or not, these world is full of deceivefull people encouraged and cheered on by other ignorant people. We sincerely should not get ourselves involves in the middle east conflicts simply because the situations there are too complicated for us to comprehend. Majority of Malaysians in general are peace loving people, and do not wish to be dragged into taking sides where both parties in Middle East had shown no respect for peace and tolerance. Please leave these war mongering people alone and let them resolve their own regional problems.

Burning other countries flags to show support for warring parties is an act of demonstrating to the world our lack of self respect. And, for heaven sake, with the haze hanging around suffocating our breaths, stopped the stupidity of polluting our own air space. If you are really sincere in your righteousness, please book a ticket to Lebanon or Israel and burn all the flags you desired in the soil of Lebanon or Israel. Please refrained from burning these flags in Malaysia because you are not representing the majority of Malaysians.

As it is, we are already burdened with so many social ills in Malaysia. These so called righteous people should volunteer to go to all the crimes infested areas to do community services such as patrolling the street to apprehend snatch thieves, robbers, extortionists, rapists, etc. Or better still, pick up the brooms and clothes to sweep our streets and upkeep our public toilets to make it even more cleaner and hygienic to attract tourists.

Please convert all your negative energies into positive actions by holding peaceful prayers in the mosques, churches, temples, and other places of worships to generate positive energies to lessen the pains and sufferings of innocent victims in Lebanon and Israel.

We better keep our house in order before we partake into actions to meddle with events happening in other places thousands of miles away. Let us all be careful of what we are preaching to our youth and future generations. I definitely do not wish to see the cultivation of a negative and lawless culture where our youth take law into their own hands and move to the streets to established mob rules every time when their misguided brains have the wrong perceptions of what is wrong and right.

Please teach our youth tolerances and rules of law. Please be sensible to avoid instigating highly charge emotions into misplaced angers.

As a Malaysian. My honest opinion is, I am sick and tired to hear all these nonsenses of people seeking street justice and irrational mobbing at the expense of the miseries and sufferings of innocent majority.

With regards to the Middle East problems, let the United Nations handle the situation and respect the decision of the United Nations. Let diplomacy prevails and stop sabotaging or criticizing the majority decisions of the United Nations. Stop behaving like we are suffering from mental retardation as a result of infested with Avian flu, cocking all the irritating noises in all the wrong places.

Personally, I do not wish to take side, and I sincerely do not wish to be influenced into taking sides. I sincerely believed, by taking side, we became the worst culprit that encourages violences and wars. I sincerely and humbly prayed with my bended knee for peace to return to the middle east. May the people in Lebanon and Israel enjoy everlasting peace and prosperities.

Wouldn't it be very nice if all idiots can put aside religion and racial issues, look at humanity with a fair eye, and settle differences throught diplomatic discussions in give and take spirits ?

Om mani padme hom. Om Amithaba Buddha..........

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