Friday, August 18, 2006

Let the wounds heal.....

Let the wounds heal
( aka peace be with you, Israel & Lebanon )

Roads destroyed can be resurfaced.
Bridges destroyed can be reconstructed.
Buildings destroyed can be rebuild.

Lives lost are gone forever,
Pains and sufferings had became a permanent scars of memories.
Can emotional scars be healed with time ?
Will the sunrise, sunshine, and sunset ever be the same again ?
Can mortal beings rise above the urge of revenge to forgive and forget ?

This bittered winds, breezy and yet gentle.
But when it brushes my face,
it invoked my senses to the reality of mankind's cruelties...
of the animal spirits within us to kills for irrational domination,
of the stupidity within us to refuse to accept each other's right of existence,
and of the intolerance within us to accept others' way of life.
We are after all, animals with no guilts, no mercy, and no civility.

I weep not for you, but your children.
Look within yourselves,
feel your heartbeats with your conscience.
Forget about the past, and rise above your animal desires,
to forgive and forget, and to love and respect your "enemies".
For the sake of your children, and for the sake of humanity,
put aside your differences and learn to respect the rights of others.
Take the first step to heal the wounds,
justify no more for your previous and future aggressions,
and learn to co-exist peacefully and harmoniously.

There is only two religions in this world -
the religion of peace, and the religion of piss.
Which religion you professed ?
In the name of your religion and God,
pass the wounds to your next generation,
and let the wounds bleed forever ?
Or forever lurks in dark corner of humanity
to ruthlessly deepened the wounds of innocent "enemies" for temporary sadistic victory ?
Shouting at God with insincere prayers will not bring peace and prosperity.
Be fair to your children and make the moral choice now !

There is still hope for lasting peace.
Let your heart be the cradle of love, not hatreds or revenges.
Let compassion and fairness heals the wounds within you.
I pray to God that, one day, your "enemies" will kiss you with love.
and there shall be lasting peace in your homeland..........

Sincerely, peace be upon you.
Om Mani Padme Hum. Om namo Amithaba Buddha

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