Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Malaysia, 49 years later......

On August 31st, 2006, Malaysia will be cerebrating her 49th years of independent from the British administration. Looking back, of course, we are better off than before. At least, we don't have to kowtow with the Ketuanan Kwai Loh. The British influence in Malaysia is so significant that we even named two of our favorite local fruits after the Kwai Loh - Ang Mor Lurian and Ang Mor Tan. Perhaps, maybe we should also renamed one of our exisitng species of monkey as Ang Mor Kow.

Coming back to Independence from the British, the British has been going around preaching human rights and equality, but in the first place, they colonized Malaysia and indoctrinated Malaysian minds with the most despicable concept of "master and slave" racial relationship. During those day, we have to called the Kwai Loh, Tuan. This mental domination has been indirectly perpetuated with the grouping of "Commonwealth Countries" where Queen of England is the patron of the Group. Sadly, in this modern times, we still have mental retards and idiots in Malaysia committing racial Seppuku in idolizing and masturbating with the concept of "Ketuanan" or "master & slave" racial relationship. We must all have the moral realization that, the colonial times is a bygone era and has been disgraced, Malaysians are all born equal now in this land of perpetual sunshines.

During the previous 49 years, Malaysians scaled the highest mountain in the world, built the tallest buildings, construct the longest bridge, we also almost have the most beautiful and scenic bridge, etc. etc. In fact, we have achieved many firsts in the world ! In the name of bolihism, we should be proud of ourselves in all these material accomplishments.

Nationalism and patriotism are the 2 most politically correct words to use for the time being. But I doubt, most Malaysians understand the true meanings of these two words. To some, the patriotism and nationalism mean resorting to emotionally waving the national flags and shouting slogans. Some may go one step further of glorifying our past of how we fight off the "enemies". Some may even made use of this festive period to shout the superiority of their race and religion. We should refrained from trying to emotionally charged Malaysian into emotional rhetorics bordering extremism and fanaticism ? This is indeed a dangerous and obscured thoughts.

Traditionally, we have been taught to look inside the box to solve problems, then we are told to look outside the box to evolve creative thinkings. But in this increasingly dynamic world, Malaysians need to remove and think without the box and be educated on our global roles and responsibilities. We must act and behave like an international humanitarian, respect human rights, respect equalities of races, and be impartial in dealing with international conflicts. We must be secular in governmental administration. There must a clear line between secular administration and religious matters. Politicians should not be indulge in religious matter to garner popularity. Religious matters must be left with learned religious scholars. Religion should never be contaminated by slefish biases and greeds to gain temporary communal political popularity. There must be greater mutually exclusive respect for secularisms and religions.

Domestically, nationalism and patriotism simply mean, we, as Malaysians, must have greater commitment and discipline to help each other irregardless of race, religion, and culture to gain greater scientific and intellectual achievements, respect our environment and habitat, and to appreciate and tolerate the differences among us. We must not resort to emotional rhetorics and violences to resort problems. On the international front, Malaysians must evolve Malaysia into a model statehood for respect of human rights and equality, acceptance of tolerances in differences, respect for varied cultural, religious, and personal expressions, and harmony in racial diversities. In short, in achieving kemerdekaan, there is no point for Malaysians to have the false sense of achieving the status of communal champion but behaving like international pariah in the eye of the world. We really need to look beyond national, communal, and racial interest to accord mutual love and respect for other nationalities, races, and community to cultivate morality and self respect. It is within us to develop greater tolerances and mutual understanding among us to fortified the past efforts of nationhood.

On sentimentalism, of course, the shouting of "Merderka" seven times by the late Tunku Abdul Rahman do recollect the nostalgic and proud moments for Malaysians. But we must all get out from this over glorified emotional escapisms and do our work harder now to propel Malaysia into greater heights for future Malaysians and the citizen of the world. We must learned from the past of the disgraceful colonialism of the invaders by not cultivating a new form of colonialism within among ourselves, where one race attempt to dominate the rest through racial politics. We must be a meritorious and justice driven nation working together and with peace within to showcase our model of humanity to the world.

We should now look into a new form of kemerdekaan to freed ourselves from narrow minded religious, communal, and cultural values that are incompatible with global values. Unqualified communal leaders and wannabes with shallow and biased values must be discarded or rejected. Malaysia must move forward with new globally accepted moral values, pride, transparancy, accountability, and dignity to take its rightful place in the international arena.
49 years from now, I shall look down from heaven and smiles. For Malaysia shall be a earthly utopia for citizens of world, a melting pot for all religions, cultures, and races under warm sunshines and soothing winds.

For the time being, while you are hoisting the Malaysia at the top of the buildings and your children waving flags cheering the national achievements, I shall take a long weekend to indulge in my spiritual escapisms. Peace be with you.

Happy 49th Birthday, Malaysia !

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