Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The fight is still on.... Round One Revisited.

I got my blood test result today. Sad to note that, the readings for cancer markers actually gone up. So, looks like I lost Round One. Well, as in a boxing match, there are still 14 more rounds to go, unless I am prematurely KO before the bell ring. Whatever it is, I will give those funny mutants a fight, and I will never allow myself to be floored.

Frankly, I am a bit disappointed with the blood test result. But, I know, I have not lost the battle yet. It is still a long road ahead. The mutants have managed to fell a little tree in my garden, but I still have a forest behind me. I will have to quickly revisit my strategy over the next 24 hours, and revised my “business plan” to counter attack those stubborn mutants in my body. I will find a way to condition myself to win.

For the next few hours, I will ex-communicate myself, find a quiet place to seek peace within, and to re-energize my mind and body. Perhaps, I need also to seriously look into spiritual guidance to make sense of my present perspective.

Although I am already a salmon on reverse journey home, but to allow the mutants to force me to abandon my journey in mid-stream is not my destiny. I shall overcome this little setback, I know, I will.

So, Round Two, HERE I COME.

Om Namo Amithaba Buddha...... Om Vajrapani Hum...


KS Cheah said...

Bro, I am sitting here with the "medicine man" after a phone call from your better half about your latest blood test result. He has not seen the whole report but from initial verbal account it appears the treatment is going in the right direction. He opines that you are 70-80% cured. He will explain to you in person soonest you can meet.

Never Give Up!!!

Anonymous said...

Seek Your Best

Search your strength even when you doubt that it is there.

Especially when you doubt it is there.

Your strength hides in time of weakness and needs your belief to show itself.

Follow what you believe is right. You have no stronger guide than this belief.

In time of need, your belief is your strength!

Don't be disappointed by the shortcomings that you discover on your quest.Your knowledge of your shortcomings is as important as knowing your strength. When you know your weaknesses, you know what to look out for.You know how you will get in your own way.

You are to be proud of for I can see you have a strong belief in yourself. May all the positive force come your way.

I have you in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Quote annoynymous :

You have the right attitude to life and I wish you the very best. I urge you not to close your mind to surgery or chemotherapy especially since there is no metastasis according to your blog. A 50/50 chance is still 50% more than nothing - if no effective steps are taken.

The Peaceful Man said...

CK, that's the way to go. Never give up, never give up, never give up. That was what Winston Churchill said in his most famous speach. Without a doubt, you possess that attitude and determination to WIN.

Spirituality - everyone including the rishis needs to go deep within SELF to unveil and garner the extraordinary power that controls our physical bodies and spiritual minds. The consciousness itself has enormous potential in self healing that science has no logic explanation.

Keep fighting my friend. You will WIN.

Anonymous said...

We will be supporting you all the way uncle!!!

I will keep you in my prayers.


Anonymous said...


You need to do the operation, the sooner the better. All is not lost by being determined, positive with a strong fighting spirit to win - all these are required before and after operation to ensure full recovery.

Let me put it to you: You are not a salmon on the reverse journey home - you owe the world another 30 years to make it a better place through your writings and messages. Your life is just about to begin if you allow it. Thinking positive is not enough, you need positive action - go for the operation and lick this cancer stuff.

"Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you response to what happens" Go ahead with the operation, have faith in the Lord and the doctors and you will survive.