Friday, October 17, 2008

Round Two : the lighter side of God....

Yesterday, I consulted an Oncology at Tung Shin Hospital, and made preparation and paperwork for admission the following Monday to start my Chemotherapy. I had a light lunch with my wife and a personal friend in Petaling Jaya. After lunch, I went to DUMC in Section 13 to see a Pastor friend, Pastor Gan. The kind pastor provide me some spiritual advises, pray for me, and at the same time ask me to also pray to Lord Jesus anytime at home.

Towards later part of the day at around 4:00PM, I decide to go outside the small garden of my house to do some light exercise. The sky is a bit gloomy and looks like it is going to rain soon. Looking upward at the sky, suddenly I was reminded of Pastor Gan's advise of offering prayer to Lord Jesus.

So, looking upward at the sky, my prayer goes like this : “ Lord Jesus, I surrender myself to you, tell me what should I do next ?.......

For a moment, there is no special feelings, changes in environment, or whatever extraordinary spiritual phenomena occurred. I told myself, well, who am I to ask the Mighty Lord Jesus to manifest his answer to me. I pause for a moment, took out a cigarette, lighted it, and took a deep puff. Immediately after I blow out a puff of smoke, suddenly there is a flash of lightning from the sky, followed by a series of loud thunders !

Wow, that was a mighty powerful message !!! Whoever up there must be pretty funny and have a good sense of humor.

Om Namo Amithaba Buddha


The Peaceful Man said...

CK, GOD loves everyone of us including you my friend. He can manifest HIMSELF in many ways and forms, anytime and anywhere. Feel it. You will know for sure, so keep believing in HIM. JGD

Anonymous said...

You can pray wholeheartedly to GOD by taking the EGO out of yourself for E.G.O. truly Edges GOD OUT. It is not whoever up there, it is Lord Jesus and THE FATHER up there. If don't take God lightly, he would take you seriously and heal you. Bro, Pray wholeheartely for a miracle and HE will grant you one.

Anonymous said...

Don't believe in medicine man who do not have the training and qualifications including multilevels salespeople who claim that their products can cure cancer or boost your immune system to cure cancer. A lot of those people out there are quacks. No I dont condemn multilevel salespeople who promote good health through their products, what I think we should be careful is when they try to insist that their products can cure all ills including cancer.

A trained qualified doctor is still better than any self proclaimed snake oil salesman. The key is to select a good doctor who is sincere and caring and not just with profits in mind. Thus a second opinion from another doctor is always wise.

Take care.