Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The fight is still on.... Round Two.

Finally, I completed my treatment regime yesterday. I went for the blood test today. Hopefully, the result will be out tomorrow or Thursday. Looking back, during the last 19 days, I consumed 22 bottles of medications, on vegetable and fruit juices diets, and strictly no animal fat, sugar, etc. In the process, I lost another 10 Kg of weight, I am now 75kg. Comparing with my previous weight of 100+ Kg, that is a substantial weight lost. I have never consumed so much medicine and lost so much weight in my entire life. Can I count it as an achievement ? That funny fella up there does indeed has a great sense of perverted humors.

For the next few days, I am on “medical holiday”. That means, no medications for the next few days. I am beginning to have phobia for medicine. Whatever it is, I will wait for my blood test result before I commit myself to any treatment decision. Hopefully, I don't have to go through another round of treatment regime.

I missed my favorite foods and beverages. Talking about beverages, I really missed my favorite cup of hot coffee. It has been more than 2 months since I last have a sip of coffee........

Coffee prayer

Almighty Coffee,
thy aroma drives me crazy.
Where art thou shall lead me ?
The road ahead is, but insanity.
With addicted stupidity,
how can I tell me where it will be ?

Caffeine, oh caffeine,
how can I understand thee ?
What is, is not what seemed to be.
Let the world hurried by,
let the world stand still.
I am,
elusively what I seemed not to be.
The desires to be intoxicated by thee,
does in fact pleases my senses,
of not to be, and yet seemingly be.

I know,
I may not have knowledge of the road ahead.
Carpe diem !
With a sip of your greatness,
you deliver the sereneness to my senses,
to be at peace with myself for the time being,
to soothe my fears and troubles alone.
Tomorrow shall come, but let it be.

From here, with a cup of thee,
Tell me, is there eternity ?
Answer me not,
for the answer lies within me.
With my bended knee,
I am, but Saint Coffee !

On Namo Amithaba Buddha...... Om Vajrapani Hum...


Anonymous said...

Do hang in there, you are doing the right thing.

If one regime not enough, do the next. Must have conviction in what you do, though you know it is not going to be easy, there is no turning back.

Once your body are cleanse off the mutants, it will rejuvenate itself, and you will have a lean and mean defense system that non of this kind will ever wreck havoc upon you. ever again.

The Peaceful Man said...

CK, Anonymous is right. Hang in there with all your unwavering faith. You are doing really fine - the conviction, the will to fight on, the determination amidst good sense of humor. These will create new positive energy in every cell of your body and soul to fight on. A new layer of consciousness will start producing new born clean cells from now on.

My Art of Livng (AOL) friends including our beloved teacher Ambika are also praying for you, at my request. I will be happy to share with you if you are open to hear it.

Fight on CK. You are not alone, remember!. There are many good hearted people out rooting for you and channelling all the divine thoughts and energy for you.

Seong Fook

luke said...

Dear dalai baru (yes it took me a while to get that)
I am saddened that my favourite blogger has been affected by cancer. You have the right attitude to life and I wish you the very best. I urge you not to close your mind to surgery or chemotherapy especially since there is no metastasis according to your blog. A 50/50 chance is still 50% more than nothing - if no effective steps are taken.
I may be biased being in the medical profession but I have seen enough hocus pocus sold to cancer patients. The fruit juices and healthy diet are always a plus though - cancer or not.
*hugs* to you my friend...