Sunday, April 19, 2009


by Poh Lye Suan

Life is short,
Take a break, take a breath,
Don’t stress, don’t freak out,
Live life to the fullest,
There is no second chance.

Life is short,
Learn to love truly,
Hug warmly, kiss passionately,
And don’t forget to say ‘I love you’
To your loved ones.

Life is short,
Life is the most precious gift from God,
Life is worthless,
Till the day sickness comes.

Don’t look back as the past is already gone,
Don’t look forward for it has not come,
Don’t regret anything you did as it has passed,
Live your life and treasure everything around you.

Life is short, yet beautiful,
Life is priceless, yet no one treasures,
Life is sweet, yet sometimes painful,
No matter what, don’t let anything ruin your life.

1 comment:

Kit Ying said...

Good advice sister. Didn't know you are so poetic. Very well-written. Truly it takes adversity in life to wake us up from complacency and not to take things for granted. Just do it! Live everyday as if it were your last and thank God everyday that we can still enjoy the beauty of his creations and the love of friends! Praise the Lord!