Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 4 at Aenon....

Time flies, this is my fourth day at Aenon Health Farm. I had my usual fruit juice for breakfast, attended cooking class, and presentation on nutritions. After 3 days of fasting, I break my fast at lunch by taking a quarter bowl of potato soup. The soup smelled good, I really wanted to finis the whole bowl because I was really hungry ! But my taste bud or appetite failed me again. I just found it difficult to finish the bowl of delicious soup. What a waste !!!

I received my blood test result this afternoon. Overall, all the indicators are within the normal range with the exception of thte CA Marker. As compared to my previous blood test about three weeks ago, my CA marker has dropped another 20%. So, I think I am on the right track where the marker is showing a decreasing trends.

Tomorrow will be my last day at Aenon. So, have I really benefited from this short stay ? Or, rather what have I learned from this short stay ? I guess, the kind people at the farm keep emphasize to me that, the only way to stay healthy and to recover my health is to stay with plant based diet, refrained from animal based food, and do not take processed or refined food ! In another word, be a disciplined vegetarian ! In addition, the health farm also preach the philosophy of holistic personal health management by adopting “New Start” - Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sun, Temperance, Air, Rest, and Trust in God. I really have nothing to lose, I might as well gave this philosophy a try after I checked out from Aenon.

Day 4 at Aenon is just like the day before – predictable and easy going, no pressure , and having the luxury of living life as it is, in fact, I think I am beginning to like this kind of life style. Towards the evening, I sneaked out to visit the town centre. I went to the famous Tan Kim Hock Specialty Store to buy some foods and souvenir items, but the store was closed at 7:00pm. So no luck. I went to Jonker Street, but was told that, the street is only open for trading on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Again, I ran out of luck to shop for specialty items. AT the end, I went to Mahkota Shopping centre and Pahlawan shopping centre, but didn't find anything of interest. I came back to the Health farm at around 10:00pm where the medical assistant bandaged me with the usual nightly “Charcoal Pad” at my pancreas area to reduce the pain.

I did not really have a good night sleep yesterday, but did manage to catch good naps after breakfast. I felt so much better today compared to yesterday. Praise the Lord....

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Anonymous said...

Dear CK

I happened to stumble upon your blog whilst googling for "Tarceva". You have been a strong fighter. Hope you will stay strong and never ever give up!

Just wondering, have you heard of alkalising food or tried it? It is said that consuming alkalising food may help at controlling the spread of cancer cells.

Lee San