Monday, April 06, 2009

Round 8 : I smell victories..........

Today, my wife and my goddaughter accompanied me to the hospital again to do my assessment test and to consult my oncologist on the next course of action. In addition to the unwavering support of my wife during my many trips to the hospital to receive my treatments and tests, my goddaughter has also been faithfully rendering her moral support to me in my times of health crisis. She took times off from her work schedule not only to see to it that I get proper medical attention, but also to provide support to my wife and assist her in providing care to me. The Almighty has been indeed very kind to me by blessing me with these two angels into my life. Well, I know, my princess, Jacy has been my good girl. And, I am proud of her !

As usual, I started my trip to the hospital from Subang Jaya at 7:00AM in the morning and arrive at the hospital laboratory around 8:00AM, had a quick breakfast at the hospital canteen, then report to the lab for blood test at 8:30AM.

It took me another 2 hours wait for the test result to be verified and released. Restlessly, I waited for the lab report. The whole waiting process was like those days, where after my Form Five examination, I waited anxiously and nervously for my MCE (SPM) results to be announced. On one hand, I was very confident of the outcome, but on the other hand, I was also worried about the possibilities of failure in the previous treatment regime. But overall, I know, as mentioned in the scripture, the Almighty did not gave me the spirit of fear, but the power of hope, and of love, and of a logical mind. Well, I was kind of getting used to, and adapted well to uncertainties and fears of the unknowns. The whole waiting period of 2 hours or so was still bearable and emotionally manageable.

Finally, the lab report printed by the dot matrix printer was released to me for my onward consultation with the Oncologist. The Oncologist has indicated to me that, he is happy with the result because my cancer marker dropped approximately 20 percent, and physical examination also indicate that the tumor has regressed. Overall, the cancer marker over the last few test showed downward trend. I hope the marker will continue to go down south to its normal range soon.

The Oncologist also recommend me to go for another round of chemotherapy combined with oral intake of Tarceva for another 30 days. I objected to the recommendation of another round of chemotherapy, because, I am getting very weary and tired of subjecting myself to more rounds of slow dripping of Chemo drugs into my body which usually last more than 2 hours of agonizing intravenous feeding. I am already getting very intolerance to all the side effects of chemotherapy. I know, my body need a rest and I don't think I can take another round of chemotherapy without jeopardizing my liver and kidney functions. So, the Oncologist agreed to put aside Chemotherapy for the time being but to carry on with another round of 30 days Tarceva treatment regime. After that, another test will be conducted again, and the Oncologist will decide my next treatment strategy.

It has been an emotional drenching roller coaster ride for me over the past few months. But I believed, the Almighty has a purpose for me to walk this difficult path. I am thankful that during my times of uncertainty and anxieties, the Almighty has also send so many prayer warriors to me to enlighten me with this miraculous way, and to lessen the burdens that are trapped within me. He made a hardened man like me to bend my knees and crawling to his feet to shed tears of joys knowing that eventually I will be healed through his amazing grace for he had said "And I will take sickness away from the midst of you" (Exodus 23:25)

Well, here I go again. Another 30 days of treatment regime. Hopefully, I can achieve even better remission in my next test. Until then, I guess I need to stay positive and be happy as part of my faith that I will be healed soon, because "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones." (Proverbs 17:22).

Praise the Lord.....

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