Thursday, April 23, 2009

The longest day.....

I was having an emotionally drenching period since 9:00AM yesterday. My son was admitted to a private hospital in Subang Jaya yesterday morning after complaining about stomach discomfort for almost two weeks.

He consulted a private doctor about two weeks ago and was prescribed with antibiotic, but the problem persists. About week ago, he consulted a Gastrointestinal Specialist at the private hospital. The specialist prescribed some medications, but the medications did not ease his discomfort. A day before yesterday, he conveyed to me that the discomfort is not getting any better, and he is also encountering back pains. I got alarmed about his health condition and worried that there maybe some other bigger health issues involved. My son told me that he will have to go back to consult the specialist again the next day.

My son was accompanied by my wife to the hospital yesterday morning. Due to my recent health condition, my wife advised me to stay at home. She SMSed me later that the doctor admitted my son for further diagnostic tests and evaluations. I waited at home anxiously hoping that everything will turn out okay for my son. By 6:00PM yesterday, they are still at the hospital. I was getting a little bit more worries, so I asked my brother to drive me to the hospital to assess the situation myself.

I was informed that, my son has gone through blood test, urine test, ultrasound, endoscopy, colonoscopy, and is due to be scan by MRI at 8;00PM that evening. I stay back at the hospital to await for my son to go through the MRI which was completed by 9:30PM. But the imaging result will only be out the next day. I left the hospital with more lingering worries.......

Today, my wife visited my son in the hospital. The MRI imaging result came out at around 12:30 noon. The doctor advised that, all the tests did not indicate any serious problem. So, they still can not find out the underlying problem of my son. My son was advised to go for cystoscopy later in the afternoon to assess the condition of bladder and urethra. So within 2 days, this poor young man had to go through so many tests. First, they scoped through his anus, then the mouth, then pumping dyes into his body to take images of his internal organs, now they also want to scope through his penis ! Modern medicines, I shake my head …..

I do hope the Cystoscopy will be the last medical procedure the good doctor is going to perform on my son to identify the root problems. It is unbearable for me to see my son go through this medical procedures. I know, he is a brave young man because he is my son !

My wife keep telling me not to worry too much about my son. The problem is, how can I not worry about my son ? He is my son, and I want him to come back home as soon as possible. I can't bear to see the fears, desperations, and anxieties written all over his face, or am I over recting. Whatever it is, my son is still in the hospital, and the past 30 hours or so has been a difficult longest day for me..

The funny guy up there do have a very perverted sense of naughtiness. Hey, enough is enough ! Don't you think I had been through enough of all these nonsenses ?

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