Monday, April 20, 2009

Nine Months....

What is nine months ? Well, usually it takes nine months for a mother to create a new life from point of conception to delivery. As for me, I had been through more than eight months of roller coaster ride dealing with the management of my cancer treatment regime. As I approach the ninth month of my treatment regime, metaphorically speaking, I will be born again as a new person with different perspective and different expectation of life. Nine months is a long period of time if you are living it at one day at a time dealing with all the negativities of cancer and its treatment's side effects. At the end of it, would I be really a healed and reborn person ? Come what may, I look forward to welcome my new “status”.

Like a pregnant woman, I went through nine months of daily nauseating experience of having something between my throat and stomach that trigger the unwelcome symptoms of wanting to vomit. I also went through the experience of having problems with foods, occasional constipations, self awareness of changes in my body, the occasional mood swings, etc. At the end of the ninth month, would this insignificant soul be liberated with renewed vigor to shoulder on with the challenging journey ahead ? Or the Almighty will just give me a new mask to put on to hide my tormented soul ? I don't know.

Wow, nine months ! It is indeed an amazing experience for me. I guess I am somehow lucky to be blessed with this inconvenient opportunity of experiencing the extremities of emotions, anxieties, and uncertainties. I think it made me a “complete” man. On the positive side, at least I survived nine months of difficult period. It gave me enough experience to fine tune my strategies to combat those unwanted cancerous cells.

Nine months, ninth month, I look forward to this metaphorical status of being born again. As it is, the previous eight months has equipped me with the desires to love, be loved, and live right. I am also more aware of the need to understand and invest in the kingdom of the Almighty. I guess I will be like a new baby sponging my eagerness to learn more about the good words of the almighty and his glory. Indeed I look forward to the Almighty to free myself from all curses, guilts, and sins, and be blessed with the wisdom to live life wholesomely and healthily, free from all diseases and sicknesses.

Of course I am not talking about re-living life again ! I had a fantastic, amazing, and enriched journey thus far, I praise the Almighty for giving me this unique experience of living a life of no regrets. I honestly do not wish to have the ability to turn back the clock to relive those portion of life where I can right the wrongs. That was my purpose to live through those patches of life. And along the process, I was strengthened by the Almighty amidst the storms, and was prepared for new journey ahead. As a consequent of my previous nine months of extra ordinary journey, I believed, the Almighty has a new purpose for me to live a new life again, I am looking forward a new direction in life and awaiting his revelations.

"Unless a man is born again, he can not see the Kingdom of God." ( John 3:3). Well, After nine months of challenging gestation period, the Almighty has blew his breath into me, I am now ready to be born again, and to live life again.

Praise the Lord............

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