Monday, May 21, 2007

Faked faiths and religiousity

So, you have strong faith
in your religion ?
In my name, you called others non believers,
and labeled others with unforgivable names.
You think you are on the right path to my kingdom ?
But, you are wrong !
I do not care what religion men professed.
For I did not gave men the rights
to create religions in my name.

You do unto others
what you do not want other to do unto you.
In my name, you commit murders,
transgressions, and deprived others of their rights.
With twisted tongues and evil minds,
you manipulate truths to perpetuate
your selfish and immoral interests.

Everyday you pray to me,
but you do not know me,
for in your hearts
you have no love,
but deceits and hatreds.
Stop your insincere and noisy prayers.
Do you honestly think you can deceit me ?

In this temple of love,
in this life, there shall be no rewards for you,
but fears, anxieties, and hopelessness.
Your life is worthless to me.
In death, your soul shall be forever
condemned to HELL.

That was my promise to men !
Remembered ?
Om Namo Amithaba Buddha.

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