Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Of Nivana and Blogvana.....

In case you are still not aware, this Dalai Baru is a Buddhist. Yes, a Buddhist ! As a practising Buddhist, I know there are certain spiritual guidelines and procedural protocols to adhere to in my daily life. But, believe it or not, Buddhism also encourage its followers to use their brain to live a practical life and look at life in a lighter manner. Acceptance of Buddhism is a spiritual infusion of good energies to the hearts, minds, and souls. It is from these three aura precepts that love and peace are radiated to fellow human beings. Buddhism glorifies and celebrate life, and to all Buddhists, heaven is on earth. In fact, Buddhists are the most blessed people on this earth. I do not know about other religions, and I have no intention to belittle the sensitivity of the super sensitive people, but this is my perception of the philosophy of life as a Buddhist.

I am indoctrinated by Buddhism to accept other religions as what they are, and I am also indoctrinated by Buddhism to not to impose and transgress my Buddhist's values on others.

As a Buddhist, I respect and embrace the Law of Conservation of Energies ( Karma & Vipakka). I believe in the greatness of cosmic relativities.

Buddhism encourages its followers to have good sense of humours. I am allow to make fun of the great teacher, Buddha. I am also allow to have a humorous look at the the way of life of Buddhists. Having said that, until today, I still can not understand why Buddhist Monks need to shave their heads bald, and walking around town bare footed and parading their Botak heads.

You know, all Buddhists aspired to achieve Nirvana, Nibanna, or whatever you called it. For me, and as a Buddhist, by acquiring the serious interest in BLOGGING, I believed, I am almost there in achieving my final enlightenment of Nirvana. At least, for the time being, tapping my keyboards and sipping my favorite aromatic hot coffee in the middle of the night, I am in a world of my own in complete blogginess ranting and musing incoherent thoughts..... I am a cosmic digiZEN and I have achieved Blogvana with my hairs intact !!!!

Good Nitezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... Namo Amithaba Buddha.

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