Friday, May 04, 2007

The TEN most popular Chinese actresses

Well, another Top Ten again ? What else can I say ? I am sucker for the best, the sexy, the most beautiful, etc..... These are the top ten most popular Chinese actressess - they are beautiful and talented ! Believe it or not, I love oriental beauties, and I love all of them.... I guess at this hour of the night, I am entitled to my deluded and perverted fantasies. Om.... namo... namo....namo..... I have a vision now, I see Gong Li waving her hand to me..... lai lah, lei lah... wor tang kan leh ah... fai ti lah.... And Zhang ZiYi is also eyes signalling me, and.... I am so confused now.... there are 10 of them to pick from... wor ai ter ni yah, wor ai ter ni, ni chai na li yah, ni chai na li.......... What the heck, ini mini maini mooooo...... Good NiteZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz,

01 Gong Li

02 Zhang ziyi

03 Zhang Jingchu

04 Zhao Wei

05 Liu Yifei

06 Huang ShengYi

07 Zhou Xun

08 Zhang Baizhi

09 Xu XiYuan ( aka Big Ass ?)

10 Xu XiDi ( aka Small Ass ?)

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Anonymous said...

Zhang Baizhi NUMBER ONE!