Friday, May 18, 2007

Of blogginess and freedom of expressions

Come to think of it, on the positive side, I honestly want to believe that freedom of expressions is still very much ALIVE and KICKING in Malaysia. Of course, I still have my frustrations on perceived unfair treatments, discriminations, and injustices, but comparatively speaking, Malaysia is still much better than a lot of other countries in the world. Otherwise, this Dalai will end up masturbating in his government funded private cell rather than ranting in this cosmic blogginess.

As a blogger, we still have the freedom to blog about national, political, and other daily issues. Say whatever we want about our Prime Minister, but looking at the positive side, at least he is still a very nice and smiley fella going around preaching his brand of social development and religious philosophy. We can still blog about our aspirations, humours, frustrations, angers, and other issues we want in our personal cyber space. The cyber space is still relatively free and there are no attempts yet to block the blogs.

Of course, in the recent past, we have a few obsolete souls desperately championing the cause of censoring the blogs, but these are isolated incidents of ignorant morons venting their frustrations of not being able to control the free flow of information. Gone are the days where monopoly and manipulation of information are the priviledges of select fews. These morons are still hanging on with the hope of instgating misguided rhetorics to protect their agenda. These morons, out of touch with realities, still hanging on with glorifying past misdeeds and and trying to recreate new hindreances to perpectuate their already expired shelf lives. I said, let them be, let these empty vessels make their farting noises in the junkyards.

Casting aside a small group of noisy ignorance mental retards, Malaysians in general are not what they were 20 or 30 years ago. Most Malaysians are now well educated, well informed, liberal, and open minded to embrace new ideology, criticisms, opinions, etc. Gone are days where majority of Malaysians can be easily influenced into accepting the unholy words of DEAR LEADERS and incited into violences and lawlessness. The minds and thoughts of politicians must now move in tandem with this new political realities. Politicians with narrow minded agenda will no longer be able hide behind race, religion, national security, and culture as excuse to launch attacks to inbibit freedom of expressions. Sooner or later, these narrow minded politicians will have to dig their own shallow graves and perished in shames.

Bloggers must always be defended to present their honest alternative and critical view points on national issues without much hindrances and intimidations. To encourage the uninhibited free flow of information and greater participative opinions in the development of our young nationhood, the government should take one step further to provide and encourage all Malaysians to openly express their opinions and criticisms in public forums, printed media, and other form of digital media. Only a government with unholy agenda and inferiority complex will resort to curtail the freedom of expressions.

The blogsphere is just the beginning of a unlimited digital frontiers to empower Malaysia into a secular, meritorious, and competitive nation, and along the process, there will be a lot of other forms of digital platforms to enlighten Malaysians into greater awareness, acceptance, and participation of positive development of human capital indoctrinated with religious acceptance of human rights, democracy, and freedom of expressions. These freedom of expressions will eventually become the greatest catalyst to moralized Malaysians into embracing fair, open, ethical, and transparent way of life regardless of race, culture, and religion.

Honestly, and with all due respect to all, as a minority in this country, at times, I do felt occasional unfair treatments and the blunts of discriminations in politically correct definitions. I do find myself in a difficult position in expressing my dilemma because "others" may deemed my expressions as insensitive to their agenda. I do sincerely hope these "others" can imagine themselves in the shoes of the minority with morality and sense of justice. As a Malaysian, I accept the fact that there are always moronic rent seekers no matter where you go. And, I thank the Almighty for blessing me with the grace and brain to seek out opportunities from all difficulties that seeked me out along my path to greater wealths and material comforts. God is indeed great in delivering the the proven Karma and Vipakka to mankind. At the end of the day, we are all answerable to GOD. In the mean times, I am having the best of my life and enjoying my "so called freedom of blogging".

Hail to the bloggers for championing freedom of expressions in Malaysia, and God saves the Blogdom of Malaysia.

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