Sunday, May 13, 2007

Oink, Oink, Oink... I am a Pig ?

I read a loop sided article regarding the consumption of pork. Please read HERE. I had a funny feeling that the author is trying to insult other religions and glorify his own religion.

To quote one of the phrase "Consumption of swine-flesh reduces the feeling of shame and as such the standard of modesty. Those nations, which consume pork habitually, have a low standard of morality with the result that virginity, chastity and bashfulness are becoming a thing of the past. " Wow, what a mouthful of stupidities........ Oink, oink, oink.....

I guess the author was driven by religious biases and ignorance to have the mentality to think that it is always okay for him to attempt to insult others using the justification of his religion. But I am a civilized man, and so is a lot of others. Despite his self deluded assertion that people who eat pork based products have less morality, at least a lot of other civilized people like me don't react to his insult by going around conducting violent demonstrations and issuing death threats. Honestly, I do not feel offended or insulted by the author's statement because I know, only people with low self confident and inferiority complex will go around digging in all the wrong places for reasons to glorify their stupidities. The world is now so used to noisy and smelly farting by ignorance people. I felt sorry for his ignorances and his exposed biases.

Holy cow ! I ate eggs, bacons, and ham sandwich this morning for breakfast. But the question is, does that made me a person with lower standard of modesty and low morality ? Well, the author can said whatever he want, I respected his right to make his "religiously scientific" assertions in an attempt to glorify the superiority of his religion. But sorry to disappoint the author, it is a fact that, there are also many great religions in this world. Great religions do not need its misguided followers to belittle other religion to gain mental delusion of superiority. No offense intended to the author, but other great religions does not forbid its followers from eating pork based products. I sincerely do not think God cares about what you eat. It is who you are in words, deeds, and actions that matter most to your perception of morality and modesty.

I also find it interesting to note that, there are quite a number of women who go for medical reconstruction of hymen to comply with their strict cultural and religious requirements, so that they can be married off as virgins. Does these reconstructed virgins eat porks ? I serious don't think so! In these cases, are those reconstructed virgins have higher morality than other virgins ? LOL.
Does Mad Cow diseases, E Coli contamination, Avian Flu, Aids, and a host of other diseases come from the consumption of pork ? Well, I don't think so. My dear friends, eating of animals ( I meant all animals ) come with the risks of contaminations. Personally, I think it is cruel to slaughter animals for our foods. But I am a hypocrite, whatever food that is served to me, if it is prepared hygienically, I will take it. You have problem with my flexibility of diets ?

In the article, the author also assert that "a man becomes what he eats", well, what can I said, with all the wisdom he acquired from the religious teaching, I guess he is educated but not learned. I don't think I am what I eat and you are what you eat. Otherwise, this world will end up having a lot of people oinking like pigs, behaving like mad cows, dressing like goats, and talking with bird languages.

So, "People who eat pork have low standard of morality " ? For heaven sake, please look within you and around yourselves, then repeat your assertions again to this porkoholic ! Oink, oink, oink, oink........

Let's all have mutual respect for religions, people ways of life, and other people's culture and foods. Is it so difficult to keep your religion to yourself ? As much as you want others to respect your religions and faiths, don't you think you should have a little "Morality, modesty, and chastity" to have some self respect to respect others' ?

To the author of that article, you are what you said of others, sincerely, no apology needed, because people like me and a lot of others are not habitual apology and grivenace seekers. We are all educated, learned, and rational people trying to convince people like you to appreciate the beauty of diversities and peaceful cohabitations.

Om Mani Padme Hum...... Om Namo Amithaba Buddha....

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