Friday, December 07, 2007

Aftermath of Hindraf's rally.....

November 25th 2007, Hindraf organized a massive rally in downtown Kuala Lumpur to parade to the world the Malaysian Indians' community angers and frustrations against the rulling party in Malaysia. How massive was the rally ? Some said they are more than 4000 protestors at the rally. Some said there are 5000 protestors. Some said there are 40000 protestors. Some said the crowd of of protestors are as large as the 100000 people of BERSIH rally. Whatever it is, Malaysians doen't seemed to know how to count. Perhaps, it reflects the lack of transparency and unbiased news coverage in Malaysia. It is indeed very sad for most of the Malaysians to rely on foreign and internet news sources for truths.

Whether we are being discriminated, perceived to be discriminated, or seeking sympathy for the possibilities of being discriminated, we need to do some deep soul searching to rid ourselves of our own demons. May the almighty blessed all Malaysians to have the dignity and righteousness to treat each others with respect, fairness, and equality. Let all Malaysians not beating around the bush pretending to be righteous and fairs, but our actions dictate otherwise and are immorally inconsistent with our words. Let all Malaysians have the decency and courage to criminalize and shame injustice, racism, inequality, and tyranny.

Racism and discrimination mean different things to different idiots and morons. Some claimed it is their rights to discriminate others, but some perceived discrimination to be an act of satanism and uncultured upbringings. But whatever it is, we have to honestly ask ourselves this simple question. That, in our eagerness to promote and protect our own interests, had we intentionally isolate and deprive other Malaysians of their rights based on race and religion ? Some claimed that Malaysia is a fair country, and some beg to differ with their own experience and expectations. What are we going to do about this different perceptions ? Throught threat of prosecutions and detentions ? Whatever it is, I sincerely hope all Malaysians can have the basic decency to respect human rights and see humanity with fair eyes.

Personally speaking, I think street demonstration is not an appropriate way for mass display of dissatisfactions. The organizer of mass rally should by all means try its best to discuss their plights or grievances with the political parties involved in closed door negotiation rooms to reach consensus. On the other hand, if street rally is really unavoidable, the authorities should learn to respect the rights of peaceful assembly, and facilitate the public rally by clearing the passages for the protestors to passthru'. Attempt to confront the protestors head on with water canon and tear gas merely illustrate the desperate highhandedness, uncivility, and uncultureness on the part of the authorities. Intolerance towards civill disobediences only happened in uncivilized nations.

The followings are comical reactions from some prom-i-nent people with regards to the Hindraf's rally :

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